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October 04, 2004

New Photo Album

As is apparent from this page I have made a few changes to my site. I've changed the layout a bit and updated some of my sidebar links. The biggest addition to the site is the new Photo Album feature in the right column.

The first entry contains some of my photos of the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum USS Midway. The USS Midway has a very special place in my family. My father, RADM Hoagy Carmichael (USN Ret.) was her commanding officer from 7 September 1979 to 17 February 1981. That tour of duty was one of the greatest experiences in my life. It took our family to Yokosuka, Japan for a year and a half. My sister Kelly even had her high school graduation onboard the ship. On the down side, like the rest of my Navy life, Dad spent the majority of that time at sea. You see, during my father's command of the Midway, there was this event that took place in Iran that we are still feeling the repercussions from called the Iranian Hostage Crisis. The USS Midway and her escorts we re-routed from their liberty call in Kenya to the Persian Gulf (GONZO Station) where they began their watch over the turmoil in the region as the first US warships on station… more on that at a different time.

For now, please enjoy the photos. There will be more of other events and people soon.

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He was a good captain when I was under him as a airdale. As soon as he took command, moral went through the roof

Posted by: arthur paquin | Jan 8, 2015 11:23:19 AM

Dude, nice set!

Posted by: stu | Oct 4, 2004 7:17:29 PM

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