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December 09, 2004


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I wish I had seen this when you wrote this. The logic you use to justify the phrase is wrong. First "God" is a Judeao-Christian belief, Buddhist's believe in Buddha not God. Second, I someone does not believe in "God" and is swearing to a belief he/she (yes John I am a liberal) does not think true then that is called perjury. That is why notaries have an alternative affirmation oath, which is what the Pledge of Allegiance is anyway. And finally, the phrase," Under God", was added in the 1950's to weed out Communists. You are right that we should/ need to pledge allegiance to our republic, our republic is secular which is the strength.


I'm glad that you acknowledge the fact that it violates the freedom of speech clause of the first amendment. But you also said that it would apply to many religions. Dear sir, you are incorrect. Many religions do not believe in "God," but rather other entities or maybe not just one but many. Therefore it is disrespecting other people's beliefs by making them pledge not only false allegiance, but allegiance to another entity. Not only that, but the words "Under God" violates the "Separation of Church and State" clause of the constitution. This basically only respects the Christian Americans, and violates the rights of other Americans.

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