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March 31, 2005

Bob Lutz is a Shining Example of how an Executive Should Leverage a Blog!

Once again Bob Lutz over at GM illustrates how a weblog is best used.  I love to see when a high ranking executive “Puts it on the line” and succinctly dispels the spun crap the MSM puts out.  Here’s the excerpt but I highly recommend visiting and reading the post in its entirety.  And for you executives out there that still do not fully understand the value of a corporate blog, read and learn, and remember Bob's example the next time a reporter or analyst takes your words out of context.   

By Bob Lutz GM Vice Chairman The media coverage on the auto industry of late has done much to paint an ugly portrait of General Motors. This happens when a company's financial results are not meeting projections and so I can understand and respect the increased scrutiny. But I must draw a line between legitimate coverage and manipulating facts to create "news." Which is what happened when remarks I made in answer to a question at an analyst conference in New York last week were taken out of context and twisted just enough to cause panic among a lot of good people. Many of you probably read something to the effect that "GM is considering shedding a brand." Let me say it now, for the world to hear: No, we have no plans to shed a brand. Period.

[GM FastLane Blog]

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