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March 31, 2005

Neal Boortz and Tramp Stamps

Tramp Stamps, are a growing fact of pop-culture (and some are growing as a result of our diets… different post), and I find it interesting how appreciation of this fad is not clearly delineated along “Party-lines.”

Neal Boortz, a conservative radio personality and fellow blogger, has an entertaining post on the subject of “Tramp Stamps.”

What’s a “Tramp Stamp?”  According to a number of sources it is that tattoo that women are getting on the small of their back that is regularly exposed to the Trampstamp2 public thanks to midriff shirts, low-rise jeans, and bikinis.

Well Neal has an interesting poll going on his site that I highly recommend you all take a look at (literally)! He is posting a number of submitted photos of various “Tramp Stamps” and asking the simple poll question of “Hot or Not.” Simply start here and then submit your vote and then click next. Like I said it’s kind of a break from the normal Left-v-Right bickering and a nice distraction.

As for me, I do not much care for these (or many other tattoos) on women. IMHOTrampstamp_2 (in my humble opinion… for those of you who don’t speak IM (Instant Message)) it distracts for the natural beauty the female physique presents. Which I guess in some cases a distraction could be desirable. But it has come to my attention that this is not a conservative-v-liberal matter as many might think out there. I know a number of conservatives that not only find these attractive, but some actually even possess one! And I know a number of liberals who despise the tattoo as much as I and would disown any family member who got one. Even under the auspices of “Freedom of Expression!”

Which brings me to one last point. When did parents start allowing their 13 and 14 year old daughters to go out and get one of these? Our society referrers to these as a “Tramp Stamp” for a reason! Is this the message you want your daughter presenting at her Middle School? It’s permanent (for the most part) too! And boy aint these going to look great on a bunch of 68 year old Betty’s walking around in their half shirts in 2053? What are they going to be referred to then? Gramp Stamps!” No thanks!

Note: for disclosure and accrediting purposes images are crops from Ron Harris via JohnDX (NSFW) and here obtained via an Alltheweb image search)

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I can't wait until the tattoo craze dies down. There are so many beautiful women out there who are scarring themselves for life for a lame design in their skin. I think I feel this way because I was exposed to tattoos by seeing older peoples green, smeered looking tattoos accompanied by stories of regret. Alot of young people shrug this reality off by saying they won't care what they look like when they're older. Just remember, when you get a tattoo the regret doesn't manifest itself immediately.

Posted by: Jason | Jun 20, 2005 4:43:50 PM

The other one that has been mentioned is a "Santa Cruz License Plate."


Posted by: John Carmichael | May 26, 2005 4:16:36 PM

I just read about a new name for the wonderful art that appears above a young ladies tush, and no Stu it's not a target. It's an Ass Antler....

I like it...give a whole new meaning to mounting the trophy....oh, like you didn't think of that either...


Posted by: The Queer Jackie G. | May 23, 2005 5:46:02 PM

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