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April 22, 2005

Cutting down RDF... with... a herring!

A wonderful “Power Nerd” post!  Living in geekdom has its occupational hazards, but I must confess the inner-geek in me found this actually humorous.  What is actually quite interesting about a post like this is…

Those of us who know, and even understand Monty Python humor use this knowledge as a litmus test to see if others understand how our minds function and whether or not we would be socially compatible.  Same can be said for a number of other pop-culture icons:  Buffy, Rocky Horror, Raising Arizona, Black Adder, Hitchhikers Guide… you either get it, and you are deemed acceptable, or you have no clue and are permanently deemed unworthy.

Here’s the point of the analogy…  The same is beginning to apply to RSS, you either get it… or it’s just not right for your…… [idiom sir]….Idiom!

Thanks Charlie…   

None shall pass without formally defining the ontological meta-semantic thingies of their domain something-or-others!

From a very funny post to the xml-dev mailing list:

Black_knight SEMANTIC KNIGHT: I've had worse. None shall have an effective syndication network without RDF Site Summaries!
[clang] Aaaaaaaah!
[HACKER chops the SEMANTIC KNIGHT's second argument off by building the RSS/ Aggregators/ Bloglines/etc. network ]
HACKER: Victory is mine!

Thanks, Hal.


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