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April 01, 2005

NewsGator Ratings

I’m entertaining the idea of removing the ratings feature from my posts.  The reason being that it offers an “easy out” for my readers who don’t like what I have to say.  But choose not to comment.  I know I write some controversial stuff, and sometimes very politically biased.  I do this on purpose to challenge the mind and to elicit a response.  But to mark one of my posts with a single star in the rating to illustrate your displeasure with my post without comment is pretty weak!

I really don’t concern myself with the ratings per-se, in reality they are arbitrary, ask yourself “What am I rating?”

  • John’s subject,
  • John’s grammar,
  • John’s spelling (in which case I would understand a single star rating),
  • John’s presentation,
  • John’s photos,…
  • what?

Without comment a one star rating is useless to my readers and to me.

Yesterday I wrote the Neal Boortz and Tramp Stamps post.  I knew it was a bit of a stray from my normal posts (assuming what I post has a normalcy to it), I wanted to make a statement about some of the things we do in the name of Pop Culture.  In order to illustrate my point (so to speak) I felt inclined to post photos of what a “Tramp Stamp” is.  I toiled over this decision for some time, I do not care to have my weblog become a mere titillation site.  There are plenty of those already… not my gig.  But again I felt an illustration of what I was discussing was necessary in this case.  I was curious to see what the response would be to it.

Late last evening someone rated this post with a single star (subsequent to that time others have rated it higher).  Fine great that’s what they are there for.  What does it mean?  Simply one reader of my post obviously took offense to… something.  What?  I couldn’t tell you.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that reader had?  It would give us all an opportunity to open a debate, challenge or agree with their point of view, that’s what blogs do!  They challenge thought.  I would be curious if that reader was offended by:

  1. My photos
  2. My position on the whole tattooing thing 
  3. Is the reader a parent who I offended because he or she allowed his or her 13 year old daughter to go and get one because they thought freedom of expression is paramount to society’s prejudice.
  4. Does the reader have a Tattoo above the butt and is offended by the reference Tramp Stamp?
  5. The fact that I felt obligated to reference a conservative talk show personality?
  6. The fact that I felt obligated to provide links back to an adult oriented website where I attained one of my cropped images?
  7. The fact that I posted it late at night? Or on a Thursday?
  8. The font I used?

I’m interested in thoughts and opinions.  If you agree with me great!  If you disagree with me Great!  But either way, say why…  I leave my comments open for this very reason, other Bloggers have turned theirs off for various reasons, some comments get spammed, but some Bloggers choose to discuss very controversial subjects and do not care to provide a platform for opposing views, or insult.  Fine.

I lay it on the line in my posts; I call it (blogging) literary exhibitionism!  The least you can do as a reader is lay it on the line too, if you know me personally, you can even comment anonymously if you are concerned with hurting my feelings.  But to rate the post with one star and no comment as to why… That’s like a hit and run!  Take responsibility for your criticism, whatever it was, I and my readers would like to know more.

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So, this is the offending blog post? Makes sense, really. Those stupid stars are useless information. Blogging companies love them because they are a "feature" and are a "cool graphic", but they have little use to users, and they always have had little use to users. I ignore them anyway.

Posted by: Hank | Apr 6, 2005 2:03:23 PM

I'd really never heard the term 'tramp stamp' but how appropo. I think that parents actually DIDN'T start letting their 13 and 14 year olds get these tattoos, the kids just don't listen and go ahead and defy the authority. Part of it comes from a parent's inability or apathy when it comes to being an authority figure to their kids. Parent's think that if they are their kids' friend they will be more looked up to than if they set boundaries. Don't get me started... and oh, yeah, I agree with Stu, it's probably the font. and, hey, I like wingdings!

Posted by: cami brewer | Apr 5, 2005 3:17:44 PM

I liked your tramp stamp rant better. Quit being such a wuss.

Posted by: Matt | Apr 5, 2005 2:28:26 PM

It's probably the font, it really doesn't quite go with the background you've chosen :-) Next time try using Wingdings, it'll make them all wonder..........

Posted by: Stu | Apr 5, 2005 2:03:53 PM

Alright That's real cute!


Posted by: John C | Apr 4, 2005 12:07:52 PM

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