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May 05, 2005


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Fair enough Dave. Admittedly, that rambling statement was a bit exaggerated in an effort to create a bit of clear delineation between the extremes of both camps in a burgeoning space. I do think there is a place for professionals to write quite cogent, accurately researched and informative information and present that content in the form of a very useful face, a blog.

I should absolutely make clear that as "Citizen Columnists" we are not absolved from ethical principles, accurate statements or supporting foundation of our positions, if anything the opposite is the requirement. And for those interested in using a Blog for more than simple espousing (like I do in many ways) they should establish a method and theme to their practice and with very small exception "stay on point."

And for those who are not aware of your work, I highly recommend a visit to your site(s) as mentioned in this post, they will benefit significantly from your wisdom and council. Maybe you and bloggers like you are where the twain meets.

One final admission, you are correct about grammatical and technical editing, including spelling; I am indeed guilty of revising sentences and changing the occasional word to better fit a thought pattern.

I think what I should have conveyed in my post is that I am of the opinion that many professional writers view most bloggers in the light portrayed in my statement. Equally the converse may as well be true in that many bloggers view "Journalists" in a somewhat contemptuous light. Both perspectives, like any stereotype are probably equally inaccurate.

Thanks for the comments, as you know I do like expanding the conversation.


Dave Taylor

Nice writeup, but, um, I'm not sure I agree that I was in the camp that espoused "Say what’s on your mind, be open and entertaining, that’s what “Bloggers” do. Link to whatever twists your doorknob! Edit schmedit! Just post what is real and give credit where credit is due!"

In fact, I do edit, think through my discussions and arguments, and try my very best to present cogent and coherent discussions (as you have done with your posting that markedly lacks typos).


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