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August 15, 2005

Grand Junction Airshow (part 2)

As my friends will attest, I am a huge fan of all things aviation.  On my "Goals in Life" list, becoming a acrobatic rated pilot is still on there.  Maybe I should start by getting my Private Pilot's License first huh? 

Anyway until that time I still satisfy my love and  reinforce my goals by attending the most convenient airshows I can. Blueangel6low This year's was the Grand Junction Airshow, some 4 hours from Denver.  My buddy Ken, who shares my love for aviation, my lack of funds to attain my pilot's license and my vicarious passion for watching those who have both, saw the same opportunity and we planned a "Road Trip!"

Img_0451 We invited a number of others that we thought would also enjoy the chance to 'Get away" for a long weekend, drink beer, swap lies, dream of pulling G's, and admire those who do... while getting a tan and losing our hearing to the "SOUND OF FREEDOM!"  And wouldn't you know it... "I have to work... sounds like fun but - (fill in most convenient excuse here)" prevailed among all!  Bummer!  For them, because Ken and I had a great time, blowing off steam and enjoying some of the greatest flying in the world.

Glenwoodcanyon As many will encourage... "It is the journey through life that is to be reveled" and I cannot agree more.  The journey to Grand Junction through the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Summit county, Glenwood Canyon and Colorado's Wine Country (yep we have one here in CO and the Irony of two San Diego State Graduates driving through Wine Country ala "Sideways" was not lost on us) was an inspiring trek.

Grand Junction CO is still in many ways a small town that progress only nudges every 5 years or so.  Which is a good thing, we need oasis of a calming community.  Grand Junction is it, right down to their "Small Town" Commuter airline airport!  I love these airports for airshows, they have an atmosphere needed to feel the adventure reminiscent of Barnstorming of the 1930's.  Especially with the US Desert Southwest serving as dramatic backdrop!


I really enjoy opportunities like this in life!  Think back on the stories you tell throughout your life... they almost always take place in the context of an adventure with good friends in a new or different location from where we conduct our daily lives.  These times bring color to our life, allowing us to truly enjoy the company we keep and relish each minute of the opportunity.

F16sunsetI wish that all of my friends could be there with me to make this time even that much better!  But alas the realities of life dictate otherwise.  But it does give me opportunity to share with those I love, through illustrative narrative, the adventure I had.  And I hate to not have a few good stories to tell!

For those of you who I did not have the pleasure of spending this relaxing time with, and for those  who are interested, I have added a new photo album (right column -- larger thumbnail) to share but some of the impressions I had this weekend.  Please enjoy, I did!

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I spoke with the Public Affairs Officer of Walker Field (Grand Junction Airport)this afternoon. I asked this very question.

He responded that the Grand Junction Air Show is pretty much an every other year event, so no show this year. However, next year's show will most likely take place in August with the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds in attendance.


Posted by: JC | Jul 24, 2006 6:49:56 PM

When is the air show in Grand Junction this year?

Posted by: Jessica | Jul 24, 2006 2:33:53 PM

We never miss the Miramar Airshow, here in SD and I can't imagine a better one, but what country you saw in CO! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. C

Posted by: cami brewer | Aug 24, 2005 1:14:19 PM

What a location to see a show. I bet they had fun with the altutude. Wish I was there.

Posted by: Michael | Aug 21, 2005 5:42:28 PM

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