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January 15, 2006

Burger King Football Ads... Creepy!

What a great weekend of Football!  I had the fun of enjoying the Bronco game with a great bunch of friends most of whom were pulling for the Denver Broncos to upset the (according to the homers of CBS) Dynasty Bound New England Patriots.  (Sorry Pete and Matt... and Tom, for that other thing...)

Despite the outcome of the game, there was one thing we all agreed on.  Those Damn Burger King ads are really creeping us out!  Is there anyone out there that finds these ads, uh... enticing?  Why is BK paying this ad agency still?  Sure we're all talking about "The Burger King Ad Campaign" but is it really driving business through the doors?


Turns out this is creeping a bunch of folks out, and many have illustrated the sublime nature of this guy over on a Farked Forum [link]. 

There were a couple of other ads that were a bit freaky, the guy shaking the cow to get a milk shake was a bit bizarre.  And... well Matt obviously had an "incident" at a Subway sandwich shop once, judging by his reaction to that Jarred guy.

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You'll feel the same way I do when you find out that Jarred is really the Burger King guy.

Posted by: Skoodles Montero | Jan 16, 2006 9:00:11 AM

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