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April 27, 2006

Golf with Friends

14th_green_at_north_island A few more notes about a great vacation in San Diego. 

The purpose of this break was to get away from the daily grind and get out with some really good friends, take in some sites and more importantly... Play Golf!

So what courses did I play?  Avaria?  Torrey Pines? Singing Hills? You ask…  Nope! 

We played some of the courses that a near and dear to my heart.

NAS North Island
Admiral Baker
MCAS Miramar

Why are these the tracks of choice?  Well I grew up on these courses.  They each offer strong memories of my youth, from Dad teaching me the extreme differences in Golf –vs- Baseball at Miramar, to my first Eagle at North Island.


From Stu and I (the only 2 idiots on the course) playing 18 holes in a steady rain at
North Island to he and I regularly finishing up 18 at Miramar in the Dark! 


And not to be out done, Tim’s 4 yard drive into the Ladies Tee Marker on the 18th at Baker North!  (But it went about 73 feet straight up after tinking the marker!  Landing with a determined thud not 3 feet from him!)

This is what makes golf fun!  Not the price of the course, it is the memories created by simply playing with great friends and family. 


And for the record... I didn't shoot all that well... But I sure did enjoy my time spent!

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