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September 21, 2006

Another Reason to Use Newsgator Online... Comments!

Huge Disclaimer Here!   YES, I WORK FOR THE COMPANY! But I'm not prone to claim something is cool if it's not!  This is pretty cool!

We've had a number of cool, big announcements as of late including:

9/20/2006 NewsGator Releases RSS Aggregator for Windows Mobile Devices
9/12/2006 NBC, NewsGator Announce Video Partnership
8/23/2006 Introducing NewsGator Enterprise Server 1.4.1

But one smaller recent addition to NewsGator Online has gone somewhat unnoticed, yet is also another really cool feature.  Comments! 

You:  Comments in the blogosphere have been around for a while Dumb-ass!

Me: Yep, they indeed have!  But these are contained within the NewsGator Community!

You:  Huh?

Me:  Meaning it doesn't matter if your RSS feed (or Blog) has comments enabled or not (ie news-feeds etc...) you and any NewsGator Online user has the ability to add a comment to a post in any feed to which you've subscribed.  And all NewsGator Online users have the ability to read the comments others have published to the post!

Lookie Here! At the bottom of every post in the "read pane" you will now see a "comments" icon.  Since this is just the beginning, many of these will have a (0) next to them meaning no one has commented on this post.  We expect this to change rapidly!  But why not be one of the first to leverage this feature and get your feedback out there.  Simply Click the comments link on any post...


Then once clicked on, you will see the following screen where you are able to read other's comments and post your own.


These comments are also not reflected back to the original publisher's site, so if you want to see what a NewsGator user is saying about your post you might want to open yourself a FREE Newsgator online account, subscribe to your Blog and see what folks are saying!

It could be important!  or not...  But you won't know if you don't use Newsgator!

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