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December 29, 2006

One Hit Wonders! Cuz the Weather outside is frightful!

As the snow continues to fall outside (some 10 new inches on top of the 15 received 4 days ago) Ginger and I are sitting in front of the TV watching VH1's countdown of "One Hit Wonders!" Its actually quite entertaining hearing a number of very well known and loved songs and trying to identify the artist(s).  Kind of like watching an extended version a Time Life Solid Gold Hits commercial (with commentary).

Weird...  The way a "One Hit Wonder" is determined is, the band or singer can only have one song topping into the top 40.  Get this... Jimi Hendrix is considered a "One Hit Wonder!" with "All Along the Watch Tower" being his only song that cleared that #40 mark.  Amazing considering the genius he was.

But he is destined to join the ranks of

  • Wild Cherry (Play that Funky Music White Boy)
  • Gary Newman (Cars)
  • Kajagoogoo (Shy)
  • Twisted Sister (We're Not Gonna Take it)
  • Falco (Rock Me Amadeus)
  • Sugar Hill Gang (Rapper's Delight)
  • DeLite (Groove is in the Heart!)
  • Thomas Dolby (Blinded Me with Science)
  • Starland Vocal Band (Afternoon Delight)
  • Ah-Ha (Take On Me)

The list has subsequently been taken down from the VH-1 pages but here is an archive of the listing. Kind of fun going down memory lane.

I have to admit, I'm still a bit disappointed that Devo is also on the list with "Whip It" being their "One Hit" charting at #14 (and listing at #24 on the VH-1 countdown).  "Working in a Coal Mine" missed by 3!  And evidently "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" (Booji Boy Label) only made #41 on the UK Charts!   

A travesty!

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Will do.


Posted by: jcarmichael | Dec 30, 2006 12:16:40 AM

P.S. Just noticed the GJT '05 Airshow pics...those are great. We were there! Need to talk about our Tailhook Blog. E-mail me at swampwitch06@gmail.com

Posted by: swampwitch | Dec 29, 2006 10:22:15 AM

we watched that too!! It's funny how those songs were bona fide hits - most EVERYBODY knows them word-for-word. It's gotta be depressing for the folks that wrote/performed them to never have another...

Posted by: lafaminit | Dec 29, 2006 8:38:11 AM

Great list...can't wait to get home and add all of these to my iPod! "Whip It" was a favorite Jazzercize song...brings back wonderful memories of aching muscles and heavy breathing.

Posted by: swampwitch | Dec 29, 2006 1:24:32 AM

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