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September 17, 2007

Creativity Around the Office

Working at NewsGator, I am surrounded by creative people... Being in a Web 2.0 Software company will promote that type of person.

However, I have to say that I was caught off guard by one of our employees' creativity in the break room.  You see we're one of those cool companies that provides free fattening agents  snacks for our folks.  These nutritional goodies include M&M's (peanut doncha know!) Bowls of Snickers bars, Red Vines, Pop-tarts etc... you know good wholesome food to help creative minds bloom!

Well a few months back one of our employees came up with a brilliant idea to have dispensers replace the "free-for-all" bowls.  You know the bowls, the ones where no-one uses the "provided spoon" for scooping the contents into their "I have no idea where those have been... ahhh chooooo!.... hands!"  The cool new dispensers are kind of a "No charge" gumball machine.  Place your hand under the dispenser, twist the knob, and voila', goodies in hand!  Looks like this:


Great Idea!  We've got a bank of these things dispensing all manner of goodies:


Like Assorted nuts... Chex mix... The aforementioned M&M's...  And of course

IMG_2845  Cheese and Crackers... or if you're lucky Peanut Butter and Crackers!

Aaaahhh NewsGator... breaking the daily monotony with a sledge hammer!

God luv'em!

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One word: bong
Tomorrow's Pirate Day...what can I say?

Posted by: Black Charity Flint | Sep 18, 2007 1:04:27 PM

Two words: beer dispenser.

Posted by: Nick Bradbury | Sep 17, 2007 8:03:22 PM

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