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November 06, 2007

Jury Duty

Dozens of minutes of raw boredom interrupted by seconds of intense boredom!  I'm sitting in the jury staging room with a couple hundred others waiting to hear my name called by the 20 something paralegal at the podium.  And this is just the first selection process.  If picked here I advance to the minor leagues where I have the pleasure of being interviewed by the two vultures... er I mean lawyers.

Yep, this looks like its going to take awhile.  At least I get to listen to the every 5 minute phone call placed by the all too considerate, borderline Tourette afflicted, divorce fodder mother in row 7, bitch about her deadbeat-lying-sumbitch!

Find entertainment where you can...

Ain't iPhones great!

More to come... I'm sure!

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When asked if you think he is guilty don't raise your hand. Then tell them that is what the process is for. The defense will fall all over themselves getting rid of you. Nothing worse than a thinking juror.

Posted by: Motorhead | Nov 6, 2007 2:57:52 PM

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