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November 08, 2007


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denver pool builders

Hello Tom Walker!!!

Thank you for the information. Great job you have done and keep it up.


Noooooooooo nooooooooooooooooo don't leave me alone with LANE PUHHHLEeeeeeeeeeeeease...

Nick Bradbury

Good luck in your new venture, John! Hope the fridge at the new startup is forest-free :)

Gordon Weakliem

Hey, John, that's one of the last of the old guard on the way out! NG will be poorer for it, not to mention that it's totally going to screw up the balance of political affiliation :)

Brad Wilson

Congrats on your new thing (And your marriage, too! You and Ginger are definitely a matched set. :)

I figured, you know, once I left, it had to be all down hill anyway. ;)

Tom Walker

Good luck on the new job and I'm glad you were able to help Greg out all those years ago. I might have to dig up a jpg of the original NG logo, it at least had the alligator theme in it. Oh, and yes Greg's fridge is truly a thing to behold...from a safe distance...with appropriate personal protection.

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