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January 25, 2008

But I Do My Best Work In There!

Outhouse I've be told before, that I do my best work sittn' on the porcelain throne!  I'm pretty sure those who offered that opinion did not mean it as a complement.  But in reality I think many would be surprised how many "Innovative Ideas" were arrived at as a result of a few minutes of semi-uninterrupted "Private Time".

So I had to laugh today upon hearing about a Plaque Brad Feld, the Primary VC at my former company NewsGator, paid to have installed at a Bathroom in one of the University of Colorado's new buildings.

Brad contributed $25,000 to have the honor of a restroom in the University of Colorado Alliance for Technology, Learning and Society, (ATLAS) building named after him.  The Plaque reads:

"The best ideas often come at inconvenient times. Don't ever close your mind to them."

I like that... Brad continues to do things that, usually when we are drinking with our buddies, many of us simply talk about doing .  Action! 

Investor buys naming rights to University of Colorado restroom

image BOULDER, Colo.—Venture capitalist Brad Feld hopes that using the men's room named in his honor will be an inspirational experience.

... Feld, managing director at Foundry Group and Mobius Venture Capital, both based in Boulder, said he wanted a plaque "to inspire people as they walk in to do their business."

Some of his best ideas have come while he's on the toilet or in the shower, he said. "It's a good time to reflect. It's a quiet moment."

That last sentence is debatable in certain circumstances, but otherwise...

I tell you... All the more reason to find a idea or invention that you can take to market to become EXTREMELY WEALTHY!!!  So you can do these types of things.  I'm just not sure which breeds which? Does money breed eccentricity or the other way around?

Time for me to think this through a bit... pass the prunes!

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You might need a Sears-Roebuck catalog, too.

Posted by: Swampy | Jan 27, 2008 7:20:04 PM

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