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June 20, 2008

You're Free to Go Now...

I am a bit saddened by the news I received yesterday.  I've learned though my extensive network of former coworkers, that my previous employer (A software company in Denver CO) in an effort to refocus the business to a degree, has had to take the difficult action of sending a few fine folks on their way. 

I am not privy to the behind closed door conversations leading up to yesterday's actions, but I am sure they were numerous, painful, and probably even cantankerous.   As they should be.  The action of terminating anyone's employment should never be taken lightly!  I know most all of the execs, I consider most of them friends even, and I know that despite the dictating business reasons, a decision to reduce the labor force was not an easy one for any of them.  I am sure many lost countless hours of sleep (and probably still are), knowing the grief, anguish, and shock they have likely created in the lives of the unfortunate few for whom the bell would toll.  I even know a few who would have traded places (good people they).

I also know most of those who received word that their services were no longer needed.  I've worked closely with them, shared good times and troublesome times.  Laughed with them, yelled at them, been yelled at by them... even Photoshoped a few for my infamous "Photoshop Pfridays" and... to the person... each is a dynamite performer in their respective vocations.  

My previous employer is well known for hiring "Rock Stars" and even these who are now "Free to Go" are still rock stars, far surpassing the capabilities and competencies of 95% of the work force.  This is a Windfall for all those businesses seeking quality people and make that well know claim of "You just can't find good help anymore." 

Not true!  I know a few who you might could use!

So, I offer this prediction to each of my friends now out of immediate work, I seriously doubt your acute condition will last for any length of time.

Now to the rest of my readers, I know a number of very high quality individuals who are now unencumbered with the daily grind of a job!  Who may be able to help you in your company's pursuits.  Here's a brief list of department types I can provide you immediate access to if so needed.

  • Software Technical Support
  • Graphic Designer
  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Technology Consultant
  • Network Systems
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Content researcher, Writer, Author, Musician, Taxonomist (NOT A DEAD ANIMAL STUFFER!  Look it up knucklehead!)

I know I have a national readership, and I do not know if any of these fine folks are interested in relocating, but do not hesitate to reach out.  And as for you hiring managers here in the Denver Colorado area in need of excellent employees... If you would like more details on any of these folks, please leave me a comment and I will put you in touch.  If you have a position you need filled, you're welcomed to leave a description of it here in the comments as well. 

Let's see if this Web 2.0 social networking really works.  Click comment below, and have at it! 

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Apparently my first comment didn’t go through. If I have two comments posted here I apologize. So here it goes…

I know this post is rather old yet I wanted to clarify something that was told to me by a friend of mine while swilling beers one night. This friend still works at NG and I was one of the folks that was laid off. There is a comment on this post some bitterness around time spent playing foosball and darts or just plain old grab ass. To set the record straight, it was not I who posted it as some may think. And gee, what would make anybody think it was me? From what my good friend told me a bunch of folks thought I was the bitter one who pointed fingers at the so called "foosball" crowd. Well, it wasn't. And as odd as it may seem to go through the effort to post this and defend such accusations I think Jason expressed it best. This is a very small town. And bitter tears doesn't get you a job around here. Which brings me to my next point. I am not bitter nor was I the day I was laid off. Sure, the bus ride home was a little uncomfortable and I was a dear in the head lights for a bit. I do have a mortgage. But I learned a ton at NG and I worked with some of the best people I have encountered in this god forsaken business. My stay on the Enterprise team was very valuable to me. Not only was it a great lesson in development but one of patience as well. Regardless of team disagreements and dealing with rather odd product decision making (not directed at you Ashley) I did love my job. I digress. I work in Boulder now developing software for a direct marketing firm and I haven't been happier with a job in a long time. I think everything happens for a reason and obviously it was time for some of us to move on. Whether it was within our control or not. I wish the best for NewsGator and all those who work so hard to make the dream come true.

One last thing. From what I understand the "higher ups" knew about this layoff for quite some time. It must be difficult to have conversation with those you know are ultimately going to lose their pay checks and family health insurance...or maybe it isn't so difficult. Being a veteran of numerous failed startups perhaps makes one immune to such guilt. Hey-oooo!

Now if you'll excuse me I have some foosball to play ;>)

Posted by: Darrin | Aug 21, 2008 10:08:10 AM

I would also Like to offer up myself as a reference to anyone that would need one. You all are great friends and I wish you the best.

A.K.A Gadget

Posted by: Jason Goudy | Jun 26, 2008 12:05:20 PM

Well, as one of the *expletives* in management, I can assure you that this decision was not taken lightly and not without very careful consideration. That is little comfort to the folks who were directly affected and I wish all of them (including any who might have made comments in the heat of the moment) the best of luck and good fortune in the future. I've offered personal references when asked and have reached out to my personal network - many, many folks who are hiring have inquired. Denver/Boulder is a very small town when it comes to networking in the IT/Technology sector and I have retained a pretty sizable network of folks that comes in handy for times such as this.

The ship is far from sinking and I have the utmost confidence in our future. Now, I am off to play darts, as I don't play foosball much anymore. :'} But, gosh, how would anyone know that?


Posted by: Karyn German | Jun 23, 2008 11:38:27 AM

JC, Thanks for the shout out. This was all very sudden, and shocking, but I can think of worse things than having the summer off!

NG will continue to rock it and we will be OK. FYI, I'm looking for opportunities around Google and Salesforce.com.

Best of luck to all of the current and past NewsGatorights. I'll see you when web 3.0 comes out.

Posted by: BC | Jun 23, 2008 10:25:30 AM

Author's note... There are times playing the role of editor, even on my own blog is a difficult one. I received the following comment form "anonymous" a day ago and have been debating posting it as it is highly critical of the management of my previous company. I have chosen to publish this comment for the following reasons.
- I do believe in open discourse and opposing views
- I do not censor other than to remove vulgarity if I deem inappropriate.
- And this is a side of the argument that is not necessarily a singular view.

Understand that I do not entirely agree with the position taken by the commenter, but I felt that CP can provide a bit of an avenue for a vent such as this.

I am in management and it can oft benefit us to know truly how some feel. I am not a quick as some to outright dismiss commentary such as this as just an upset individual going off. More if these views are representative of more than one individual the management team at the company should take note. And probably look at the motivation.

I do not portend to predict the success or failure of my previous company, my honest hope is for success! But alas, companies do fail as might this one too. But at this point in time none of us know that path. It remains to be seen.


Posted by: John Carmichael | Jun 22, 2008 10:50:26 AM

I'd heard about the cuts, but no details. :( Agreed about your inability to to be covert - I was surprised to see that description included.

For what it's worth, I'd be happy to add myself as a referral for these fine folks, as well. JC can give anyone who is interested my contact info.

Posted by: Jack Brewster | Jun 21, 2008 10:31:11 PM

yeah - I'm real sure it was hard for them...trying to figure out how to "cut costs" but allowing the [term deleted] in management the opportunity to play darts & foosball while being complete asses to the masses.

The ship is sinking - the signs are there. Those of you that are free now should be thankful. The ones that are left when the lights go out will be blamed for the failure of a small group.

Posted by: voice | Jun 21, 2008 2:06:46 PM

Bummer. :(

Your attempt to be covert about the last name on the list was a total failure. :-p

Posted by: Brad Wilson | Jun 21, 2008 9:32:03 AM

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