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September 06, 2008

A Day of Fly Fishing

I haven't been fly fishing in... well... since forever! 

I tried a few years ago with my buddy Tim trying to teach a racquetball wristed fisherman how not to accelerate my fly to supersonic speeds!  That adventure didn't go well...

Today however, I decided to join 3 of my buddies and try once again my hand at this most elegant of outdoorsman activities.  I've always been captivated by the subtle flow of the line to a creek, gently landing a hand tied fly in hopes an eager "rainbow" or "brownie" will be enticed by such a teasing morsel.

We headed up to Clear Creek just west of Idaho Springs Colorado.


My buddy Trevor, a longtime fly fisherman, took me under his tutelage and walked me through the vocabulary, knots and steps needed to begin enjoying this great pastime.  After learning the nail knot, the leader and the tippet, I attached a fly using a well known fisherman's knot and it was off to the creek with me.

Trevor showed me the basics and let me have at it.  And I think much to his surprise I was a bit of a natural... maybe my older age has subtled my racquetball wrist snap, which had previously been know to send multiple flies to their early dispatch!  But almost instantly I was able to lay a cast within a couple of feet of my intended spot on the creek 25 feet away!  It became fun!

I had barely gotten to the point where I was having confidence in what I was doing when a massive boil hit my downstream floating fly!  BANG!  Wow!  Seriously! This actually works!  Unfortunately that first attempt at my fly was quickly thwarted by the wiser trout.  I was unable to set the hook quick enough.  But, I was not to wait long for another.  A few casts later on a drift right along a deeper channel in the creek, my fly disappeared in a cacophony of white water!

This time I set the hook like the expert I hope to be!  And low... put up a mighty 13 second struggle to land my first fly caught trout!  The fish fought for all he was worth! But alas I was the better in this epic.  I drew my rod high as instructed and kept this battling baby on the line!  And whoooo what a baby it was!!!! 

Here now, is a picture of my very first fly caught Trout!  Straight from the rushing waters of Colorado's Clear Creek!

First fish 

Hehehe!  What?...  Like I had a choice in what took the fly?  I think I'm gunna mount him over my... lighter? 

Anyway, we proceeded to catch some more about this size and then a few small ones.

scooterI caught 7 fish in about 3 hours on the creek, and the largest was a whopping 8 inches long and maybe a 1/2 a pound!  But I didn't care, I caught fish (well bait anyway!) on flies!  My partners in crime each caught their fair share of these small feistys, but the trophy of the day goes to Scooter for pulling a 2 and a half pounder or so out of the creek!  That was a nice fish. 

Pardon the pun, but I think I'm hooked!  It was relaxing, beautiful, and challenging all in one!  What a thrill and a great way to spend a Saturday with friends!

IMG_6824 clay

Thanks again Trevor, Scooter, and Clay.  (Missed ya Tim!)

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So, how much do you think that fish cost per pound?

Posted by: Swampy | Sep 8, 2008 9:06:35 AM

a bad day fishing is better than a good day working...

Posted by: Jeff | Sep 7, 2008 3:23:10 PM

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