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February 12, 2009

Guns Kill People and my Pen Writes Bad Checks

OH MY GOD!!!!  There are 3 TOY GUNS in the back of a locked SUV in the school parking lot!!!  OH THE HUMANITY!!!

We need to find out who’s vehicle this is and expel them before something… uh… um… uh… I mean before a liberal wets his pants and is embarrassed!  Too Late!

This is the summation of what happened to a 3.5 AP student headed to the Merchant Marine Academy here in Aurora Colorado.  [From 7News Denver]

'Young Marine' Faces Expulsion For Replica Rifles…

For Marie Morrow, the equipment left in the back seat of her car was for an upcoming competition. She said she never expected it would lead to her being suspended from school -- or possibly expelled.

Morrow, who says she has a 3.5 grade point average, is a member of the Douglas County Young Marines. She said she spins the practice rifles for the organization’s drill team.

Staff members at Cherokee Trail High School were alerted by concerned students who thought they might be real, said a Cherry Creek Schools spokeswoman.

"They went inside. They were anxious. They were frightened," school district spokeswoman Tustin Amole said.

The mock rifles are made of wood, with duct tape, to resemble a real rifle.

Amole explained the school district’s policy mirrors state and federal laws about weapons in schools, and calls for "mandatory expulsion" when possessing a dangerous weapon in any school building.

A student conduct handbook states a dangerous weapon includes "a firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, or a firearm facsimile that could reasonably be mistaken for an actual firearm."

DAMN IT!  Stop!  You bunch of ninnies!  Damn if that’s the way you’re gunna be, if I were a student I’d go running into the principal’s office, all a flutter with tears just streaming down my cheeks, anxious and freightened!!! Because that’s my response anytime I see a Subaru with an Obama sticker in plain sight! And there are WAY too many of those in the school parking lot!

By the way here is the Colorado Statue that seems somewhat in conflict to what is being said by the school board, but I probably missing an addendum… (emphasis mine)

18-12-105.5. Unlawfully carrying a weapon - unlawful possession of weapons - school, college, or university grounds.

(1) A person commits a class 6 felony if such person knowingly and unlawfully and without legal authority carries, brings, or has in such person's possession a deadly weapon as defined in section 18-1-901 (3) (e) in or on the real estate and all improvements erected thereon of any public or private elementary, middle, junior high, high, or vocational school or any public or private college, university, or seminary, except for the purpose of presenting an authorized public demonstration or exhibition pursuant to instruction in conjunction with an organized school or class, for the purpose of carrying out the necessary duties and functions of an employee of an educational institution that require the use of a deadly weapon, or for the purpose of participation in an authorized extracurricular activity or on an athletic team.

But Wait There’s More…

(3) It shall not be an offense under this section if:

(a) The weapon is unloaded and remains inside a motor vehicle while upon the real estate of any public or private college, university, or seminary;

Replica made of Duct Tape!  Pretty sure… uh… TAIN’t LOADED!

Cripes!!!  Now before I begin on my rant I will have all y’all know I am not a member of the NRA nor a subscriber to Guns and Ammo or any other special interest group that has a Pro-Gun Agenda… the following diatribe is mine!

The Pop-Culture fear of guns has made me crazy for years.  All of the discussions of banning Hand Guns, Prohibiting assault weapons, limiting clips to 10 instead of 15 rounds is philosophically and factually idiotic. 

Tell you what… I’m gunna point my hand gun at you.  Let’s just say it’s an older Beretta with “One in the Pipe” and 15 in the clip.  I’ll allay your fear… I pull the clip out and eject 5 rounds from it… reinsert the clip point it back at you.  Feel better?

Look either ban all guns in all circumstances or SHUT THE HELL UP!  Our institutionalized fear of firearms stems from, who else, the sensationalistic press!  And I’m sick of it!  Every time someone gets killed in a firearm related incident the topic of firearm legislation leaps to the forefront of everyone’s mind.   Usually stating that this type of gun needs to be banned!  Or everyone who has a gun needs to be licensed and traceable!  Usually the dipshit mass murderer is using the wrong tool for his ambitions anyway! Usually because he saw it on TV or in the Movies!  You wanna off a buch of people in the school yard?  Rifle ain’t the way… Wanna protect your house from a break in?  Assault Rifle ain’t the way!!!  Look… here’s a couple of facts:

No matter what the gun LOOKS like they ALL do the same thing!  Allow a projectile (Bullet) to traverse a barrel, focusing the energy facilitating an accurate conveyance of the mass to another mass (perp, target, tree, moose, beer can, earth, etc…).  People who want to ban assault style weapons yet not eliminate hunting rifles fail to understand this simple intrinsic fact.  Now understand, some guns perform this task better than others, generally the longer the barrel the higher the likelihood what the SHOOTER Aims at will indeed be hit.  But in close?  Gimme a shotgun any day!

Just because a gun looks just like those used by the military or by SWAT Teams, read “BADASS…” makes it no more lethal, or accurate than your Dad’s 308 Winchester.  It ain’t the clubs… It’s the golfer!

Now here is something for you… it is either a Gun or it is NOT… A TOY GUN is not a GUN!  It is a TOY!  A Replica Gun is not a GUN it is a REPLICA!  Just like your pretend girlfriend is not a real girlfriend!!! She is a blow up doll!

And just like your blow-up doll, I understand that there are places you should not take your toy gun, cuz you know it’s inappropriate.  Church, your doctor’s office, and maybe even school, unless…  Your toy gun is a REPLICA and used in a sanctioned activity like Military Drill Teams! Cuz God knows we really don’t want our youth spinning REAL Guns!  Might damage the gun!  And take it from a guy who used to drill with REAL Guns (and shoot them too!)  In a California School no less!!!!  We treated those weapons with care, respect and discipline!  Personally I preferred to drill with the replicas, they weighed less and you weren’t as concerned about dropping one!

Personally I think firearm safety and responsibility ought to be a required class in EVERY Junior High!  That’s right Junior High if not Elementary School!  And the class should be taught by a Police Firearms Instructor or Military Instructor, Trust me there is no better training!  AND they will not teach from an uninformed position of fear!  They will teach from a knowledgeable position of respect!  We will reduce the incidents of accidental injury caused by idiots that THINK they know how to handle a weapon because they saw it on TV! 

And now for your viewing pleasure I leave you with professionals with REAL GUNS!!! At a Sporting Event no less!!!

If this is what Marie Morrow aspires to be… More power to her!  Semper Fi!

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It is an abscess on the butt of America. Kids get expelled for bringing aspirin to school. My son got accused of racist comments because of his response to a girl who came up and said her Dad worked with bombs, his reply was, "Is he a terrorist?" The "investigation" was a joke.

In this case of the young marine she has paid the price for an overzealous administration who are afraid of the parents of the terrified children. I am a liberal and I am embarrassed by this. We have evolved a brain why not use it.

Posted by: Motorhead | Feb 17, 2009 3:22:46 PM

Also, Dr. Sargent is the wife of Col. Sargent USMC (ret) who serves as a Blue & Gold officer for USNA as well as USMMA, working with the potential appointees to Annapolis and Kings Point to ensure they know what they're getting into. They are amazing people who give the utmost to the future Officers of our country.

Posted by: Jeff | Feb 13, 2009 4:09:54 PM

Great support letter here: http://www.dcyoungmarines.com/Documents/word/Morrow+Suspension+02.doc

From Dr. PD Sargent a former Colorado public school administrator, Dean of Students at Cherry Creek High School and Principal in Jefferson County School District R-1. It certainly is nice to see some in the school system have an appreciation for not-so-common-anymore sense.

Posted by: John Carmichael | Feb 13, 2009 4:05:39 PM

I love how the board tries to pawn this off on "Our Hands Were Tied!"

I call BullShit! If it were me behind the desk of the principals office and the two anxious and frightened ninnies... er... uh... students... came in whining about what they had seen in the SUV. I would have said, "You two weenies wait here, while I go check it out."

If I was unable to ascertain that these were indeed mock rifles I would have called Marie (I'm bett'n I have her car registered in my files somewhere) into my office to explain what is in her car. Once she said "Oh... you mean the mock drill rifles we use on the Young Marine Drill Team? The ones made of wood and DUCT TAPE!... Damn, I forgot to bury them under my 'Yes we can' posters! to not stir up the pacifists! Sorry bout that, won't happen again."

After laughing my ass off, and asking Marie if she thought her Drill Platoon could come by the school for a demonstration, I'd send the Young Marine back to class and in a wonderfully mischievous glare... inform the two narcs, "You're Dismissed..."

But that's just me...

Hmmm maybe that's why I'm not invited to the NEA We-Care awards huh?

The only reason this is an issue that tied the principals hands is because THEY OVERREACTED!!!!

Posted by: John Carmichael | Feb 13, 2009 3:44:23 PM

update (02/13/09)

DOUGLAS COUNTY - 17-year-old Marie Morrow will be going back to school next week. The senior at Cherokee Trail High School was suspended for having fake rifles in her SUV at school.

The district superintendent ruled the six days Morrow has served will suffice for her expulsion. She will return to school Wednesday after the President's Day holiday.

She will have missed six full days of school after being suspended Feb. 5.

The Cherry Creek Schools superintendent had the option to expel Morrow for the remainder of her senior year. Instead, her suspension will be considered the "expulsion" mandated by state law.

The school notified the Morrow family of the decision mid-day Friday, one day after a hearing officer heard testimony at an expulsion hearing.

The hearing officer, Nancy Connick, made a recommendation to the school, but her findings, which are confidential, were not binding.

Posted by: Jeff | Feb 13, 2009 2:37:02 PM

Uhhh...yeah. This is un-friggen-believable. As the parent of a midshipman at the USMMA, this hits close to home, as this young lady has already secured her appointment (which is no easy task).

1) Why were kids in the parking lot looking through the tinted windows of her car?
2) The responding police officers knew immediately what they were and made that statement.
3) This young lady is in A/P classes - missing just one of them will cause her to fall behind.
4) Was the baseball team suspended as well? Don't they use "lethal weapons" after school? What about the band? Have you ever been hit by a Sousaphone?

Where, oh where, is the common sense? Oh yeah...never mind.

Posted by: Jeff | Feb 13, 2009 2:32:45 PM

Back when I was in high school band the color guard had fake rifles exactly like that. In fact, they were even provided by the school. So under this logic, the school was providing minors with a "dangerous weapon".

I suppose these days the SWAT team would bust into the practice room, shoot the mascot (that guy in a panther suit looked like a dangerous animal you know!) and arrest the band director.


Posted by: Brian R | Feb 13, 2009 12:40:47 PM

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