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March 11, 2009

Finally Replaced my BMW 318i Engine

I had finally had it with my car’s gutless wonder of a 1.8L 4 banger engine.  I needed something with more pep!  I really got tired of having a decent, albeit 14 year old car, that was capable of 0-60 in the time it takes to cook a chuck roast!

So I searched around and found an engine I liked.  I ended up purchasing a 3.0L 261bhp six cylinder! Rated 0-60 in 5.45 seconds. THAT’s WHAT I’M TALK’N ABOUT!  Here it is:


This thing is awesome!  Clean, strong, with a great throaty sound.  Not only that but this baby is more efficient than the damn 4 banger!  Getting an estimated 21 to 29 Miles per Gallon!  And what’s even better are the accessories!  This hog of an engine comes with some of the coolest add-ons!

Like this…




Yep!  Yesterday evening Ginger and I went and bought a long overdue replacement engine for my 318i complete with Z4 Roadster attached! 

This baby is fun!  And actually loaded with all sorts of cool features, from automatic convertible top to the heated seats (super important in Colorado).  We have a “Practical” vehicle, the GMC Envoy is more than capable in winter weather and anytime we need to haul more than a gym bag, so I wasn’t too worried about the 2 seat nature of this rocket. 

Ginger on the other hand needed to be sold a bit on the idea.  She wasn’t real sure based on online images of the car, it wasn’t until we saw one parked next to us in a Lowes parking lot that she started to come around.  What really sold her was letting her take the wheel.

The 6-speed manual transmission is designed for the DRIVER! Throwing that transmission through the gears is as smooth as Zamboni’d Ice!  And the car travels as fast as the puck!

Yep, she was sold.  And now we have a new resident in the garage…


I’m thinking my sister is now planning a trip to Colorado for a leisurely drive in the Rocky Mountains, borrowing her brother’s car of course.

Oh there is one more thing that comes with the Engine…


See ya in the passing lane!

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Good stuff! Congratulations!

Posted by: brian r | Mar 13, 2009 2:20:06 PM


Posted by: Dan | Mar 11, 2009 8:49:04 PM

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