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April 05, 2009

I Know, Let’s Pelt them with Marshmallows!

Or other equally damaging UN ideas.

In response to the rogue nation of North Korea (aka Norks) launching a missile fully capable of striking Alaska or any other nearby nation like Japan or South Korea, the UN is convening an EMERGENCY Session of the security council.  BIG DEAL!

The U.N. Security Council will hold consultations on the launch at 3 p.m. EDT on Sunday. U.N. diplomats said no country was considering imposing new sanctions but a resolution on stricter enforcement of earlier measures could be discussed.

“Stricter enforcement of earlier measures…”  Huh?  So you’re your telling me you numbskulls enacted earlier measures without plans to “Strictly Enforce” them.  What was your plan?  Say “Pretty Please with Kimchi on top?  This is precisely why the UN stands for Useless Numbskulls!  Business as usual.  Only now with our current administration, you are more empowered to sit idly by while we orate ourselves into oblivion.

Lets change the name of the United Nations to a more accurate moniker… how about Action-less Society of Sniveling Hottentots Obviously Lost Evermore… I’ll let you see the acronym.

The only thing worse than the UN’s ineptitude is the institutionalized lack of quality reporting by any press agency anymore.  Both the AP and Reuters reported part of this story stating that The NORKS claimed their rocket achieved its goal of depositing a satellite into orbit.  Yet then go on to claim that US, Japanese, and South Korean sources say it failed to reach orbit. 

Um… Seriously how tough is this to verify?  How about going out on a limb there boys and girls and unequivocally stating… The NORKS are FULL OF SHIT! Any 10 year old with a telescope can verify that nothing new is in orbit along that trajectory!  But no, in the press train’s ever increasing desire to be as vague as Jell-o and as accountable as OJ Simpson, always make is sound like the facts are debatable.  Sometimes they are not, you jackasses.  Did it reach orbit or not?  Just state it!

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Expect more as our boy in Washington Panders to the gutless Eurotrash? Glad I am retired I retired in 92 because I refused to work for Clinton this new clown is worse? Kim Not Hung will nuke somebody soon count on it.

Posted by: mrdick | Apr 5, 2009 5:38:47 PM

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