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May 20, 2010

There Oughtta be a Law!

Now I’m not one to go around lightly stating “There Ought to be a Law” about damn near anything… I am especially against laws that state you MUST do something!

However, as a constitutionalist I am for a number of laws that protect our ‘right’ to do something.  Speak, Practice whatever religion we want, etc…  One law I would like to see passed, and I’ll probably have to wait another 3 years to even have a chance at this one, (and unfortunately it would probably have to be an amendment to the US Constitution…) but pending that I would like to see the states pass individual laws that simply state:

“No government, no organization, no business, no association, can lawfully prohibit an individual  from reasonable display of an American Flag, a State’s flag or a Military Service Flag.”

“Reasonable” meaning appropriate size for the venue and properly affixed to ones residence or property.  Limits on free-standing flag poles will be exempted.  But certainly we can come up with a law absolutely granting a right to fly a flag 4’x6’ or smaller.

This would insure that all peoples desire to show their individual patriotism, alliance, support is protected.  And it would help prevent home owners association presidents from making complete asses of themselves!

HILLSBOROUGH, N.H. -- A Navy veteran in Hillsborough will now be allowed to fly his U.S. flag outside his apartment building.

Hillsborough police said an agreement has been reached to allow residents of the Maple Leaf Village complex to fly flags.

Joe LeVangie, 88, and his neighbors had been told to take down the flags because they were displayed in violation of a policy set by the management company. LeVangie is a World War II veteran and said he flew his flag to honor troops serving overseas.

Police said that under a preliminary agreement reached with management company EJL Management, the Hillsborough Police Association in partnership with American Legion Post 59 agreed to keep an eye on the flags and make sure they are in good condition. If not, the police association will talk to the owner of the flag to see if it can be replaced.

If the owner can't replace it, the police association will cover the cost to replace the flag at no cost to the town or owner of the rental property.

Police said all parties are in agreement, and the details will be worked out with the property custodian.

LeVangie's story gained national attention after it was first reported on News 9. Many viewers who saw the story on-air or online said they were shocked by the order to remove the flag.

Here’s what the original stink was about [link]

Veteran Ordered To Remove Flag From Outside Home

Management Company Says Flag Displays Violate Policy

 EJL Management said the flags violate a blanket policy prohibiting such displays. A letter sent to LeVangie said a letter sent to him by the company said it was part of a policy that also prohibits lawn ornaments and grills.

The company said that to honor residents' patriotism, a flag was placed at the entrance of Maple Leaf. But LeVangie said a single flag is not enough.

"Why should it be sufficient?" he said. "Is the one in Concord sufficient for the state of New Hampshire?"

LeVangie's rent is subsidized by the federal government. A representative from the Department of Housing and Urban Development said EJL is complying with the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005.

Its that last paragraph that pisses me off… If flying a flag in front of a residential community satisfies the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005… well than that act doesn’t go far enough!

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Ironic that in the Land Of The Free, some aren't free to fly the flag that represents it. lol

Posted by: Jack Napiare | Jun 22, 2011 8:28:12 AM

Well said John.

Posted by: jmotorhead | May 21, 2010 2:25:22 PM

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