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July 11, 2010

Damn… 4 Eyes Are Better than 2

Yesterday I took possession of my first pair of glasses evah!


Actually my first 2 pair.  My reading-computer’n glasses came in as well, still waiting on my “Cool Dude” Maui Jims. 

I’m not sure if I am depressed or glad that I have them.  On the drive home from the opto… optha… optmal… FRICK!…  Eye-Guy! I wore my “everyday” pair.  I really didn’t notice too much of a difference other than a return of sharpness to my longer distance vision.  That is until I did a bit of a comparison test on the freeway.  We have a stretch where the front range of the Rockies is the backdrop, a great view actually.  Well I did the ol’ ok here’s with the specs… and then lifted them to see the view without…

Damn… That’s fuzzy! 

With… WOW!…

Without… … … DAMN!  Yep need ‘em!

Using an image I took on the golf course a couple of weeks ago, here’s an idea of what I was seeing… or not seeing. (If you need help too, click either image. ;-)

uncorrected corrected

I was ok in the short field of vision but longer distances were fuzzing out a bit. Now that may not seem like too much of a big deal to many of my now fellow bats, but for a guy who has lived 44 years with 20/15 or better it was becoming quite annoying.

And if I looked up at a passing airplane, this is what I was seeing. 


Yeah… that ain’t right…

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