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October 19, 2010

Stealth Chinook Helicopter

Ok, so I was out this evening trying (and failing) once again to snare a good image of Jupiter.  (And a few more of the moon).  When the telltale Whaumpa Whaumpla sound of a CH-47 Chinook grew from the din.

As most of you who know helicopters are familiar that blade slap echoes like a chili tasters convention in the Grand Canyon and trying to find the bird is brutal, initially.  But then there he was, so I pointed the Nikon at him and snapped the image… completely forgetting that I had the exposure set for the moon.  So my resulting image was thus:

Chinook normal exposure

Seriously, that was what I got in the camera.  The inside of Pelosi’s heart. Then in Adobe Camera Raw I moved many of the sliders to their max:

  • Exposure to +4
  • Recovery to 100
  • Fill – 0
  • Blacks –0
  • Brightness to +4
  • Contract to +42
  • Clarity to +16

And low… the Mystery Noise Maker materialized…

Chinook Adobe Raw

Ah the powers of digital photography… yeah not worthy of the cover of Aviation Week… but pretty cool none the less!

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