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November 07, 2010

Bridge on Croton Lake NY

Back from NYC… Not to many photo ops this past week.  I did however make a point of taking about a 10 minute detour on my way back from a client visit to try to capture a bridge that I’ve come to admire.

Driving north on the Taconic Expressway between White Plains and Poughkeepsie, one will cross the Croton Lake Reservoir, over a fairly simple Steel Arch bridge.  Not too long ago this bridge was a painted a very muted grey-green, pretty bland if you ask me.  Then for whatever reason NY decided to paint the bridge a wonderfully bilious red, and I think it really makes the scene now. I’ve always wanted to take a few shots at capturing this bridge’s simple croton bridgeshape and stark appearance.  Previously, I’ve grabbed a image or two of this bridge as I passed over it’s southbound sister, shooting over my shoulder out the window of my rental car… (Yeah I’m sure that’s safe!) the resulting images were… to put it bluntly… CRAP! I’ve always wanted to do this bridge justice and take a little more time with a concerted effort to capture a bit of the grace of this simple structure.  Here’s a few of my latest attempts.

Big Honk’n image of the one above click here… caution, not for the feint of modems! [link]

image image


And there you go… Hope you like…

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I am attempting to find someone or some organization that might like a construction picture of the Croton Lake Bridge built by the P.T. Cox Company. My father-in-law was associated with that company and I have a rather large picture of it (black and white) when it was new. If you know anyone interested, please contact me at the above e-mail address.

Thanks, Leslie Huntley

Posted by: Leslie G. Huntley | Sep 10, 2012 11:11:22 AM

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