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November 17, 2010

Intense Sky

I was sitting in my home office when I noticed an eerie orange glow radiating outside.  I stepped outside to be greeted by a fabulously intense dusk sky!  Yep… Back in to grab the Nikon.  Wish I had a better view than just my neighborhood (very unexciting, and about as photogenic as bowling shoe!) But the sky certainly made up for it. (Not one of these is modified for color saturation… I did have to recover a bit of the underexposed areas, as I pushed as tight as I dared with the shutter speed and aperture settings whist not using a tripod—cardinal sin!— or a image stabilized lens, and shooting through a window (first 2 shots below)).

Painted Sky

Intense Tree

Neighborhood sky

Very cool!

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Looks like one of those missiles going overhead, if'n you ask me. ;-)

May you and yours have a great Thanksgiving, John!

Posted by: SJBill | Nov 25, 2010 1:42:49 PM

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