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January 04, 2011

At What Point Is Enough, Enough?

“Politically Correct” are two diametrically opposed words forced into grammatical copulation!

Every day we are faced with more and more incidences of our Overly Sensitized – Oprah Worshiping – Bravo Channel Watching – Pacifist Celebrating – Fairness Focused – Macramé Wearing, Medical Hemp Tote’n, Rainbow Wearing,  un-informed public declaring indignation over some perceived wrong and demanding immediate JUSTICE be served!  And like lemmings our knee jerk reaction is to kowtow these pansies and comply with what we perceive THESE Twits would like to have happen!

The latest installment in this is the sacking of US Navy Capt. Owen Honors, the Commanding Officer of the USS Enterprise.

I’ve been holding off on publishing my opinion on this subject due to what I thought initially to be proper temperance on my part.  Better to understand the whole picture before I go off in defense of the Captain or join the lynching.  But the more I restrained my contempt for the situation at large the more frustrated I became.

Honestly… I don’t give a RAT’s ASS what the good Captain said or did in this video production on board OUR most historic warship of the line!  And… NEITHER SHOULD YOU!!! 

We’ve all seen worse on the Tonight Show, The Daily Show, or Comedy Central and we sure as shit didn’t give a crap then!  Actually we probably laughed and told a friend about it the next day at work!

Grow Up!  Sometimes, just sometimes… lewd, demeaning, humorous references about almost every special interest and repressed group are made for the cause of humor, entertainment, and just plain salaciousness.  And you know what?  Sometimes it’s DAMN FRIGG’N FUNNY! (ever watch South Park? and laugh?)  And other times it is a bit embarrassing!  Don’t believe me?  Watch MTV for 7 minutes!  Watch Comedy Central! Watch Cinemax after 10:00pm! Watch Bravo… EVAH!  Or “The 700 club” for that matter too!  It is all Offensive!  To Someone! Somewhere!  That is their (the producers’ the investors’ the corporations’) intent!

Why are we (and I don’t really know who the “WE” is in this scenario) eager to call for the head of a well served, highly decorated, well worth our tax money for the task’s we’ve asked, man, and yet we immediately turn around and ignore much more heinous actions of people like… John Murtha, David Letterman, Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Charlie Rangel… and quite frankly 70% of the sitting elected officials in that cesspool Washington DC!

Here’s what we as TAX PAYERS should demand of our NAVY and those investigating this Oh My God – High Crime!  Find something better to do with your time!!!  Slap this man on the wrist!  (Which was already done 3 years ago!) and let him learn from a VERY SMALL mistake in judgment and get on with carrying out his assigned and well earned duties as a caring CO of a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier!  And if any of the offended SWO’s, Female Sailors, or other wuss’s who can’t take some ribbing would like to… They can leave the boat!  Preferably after she’s cleared the marker!

That is all…

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Thanks for putting into words the feelings many of us have but have a hard time verbalizing. Everyone on the face of this earth has thought, said or done things that they would not want seen on the evening news. Haven't our country's last three commanders-in-chief aka Presidents had problems with alcohol, or smoked pot, or had extramarital affairs or lied to the American public and did not lose their job two days after their past misdeeds were aired on TV?

Posted by: Hans | Jan 14, 2011 4:36:38 AM

I wish that everyone who supports Captain Honors and is on The Enterprise ready to 'set sail' next month, walks off that boat.

Posted by: The Boss | Jan 4, 2011 10:52:52 PM

I've said it before:
"Political Correctness is a mental illness that allows a person to polish a turd and think they do not have crap on their hands."
The CO of CVN-65 is the first(and not the last)act of revenge after the repeal of DADT. The PC-madness games just roll on. It gave us Capt. Hassan, the muslim madman who killed at Fort Hood. It gives us a "equipment check" of Grandma & body scanners manned by the Thousands Standing Around at the airport.
May God bless the United States and continue to guide us with his light through the darkness we are in.

Posted by: Ken | Jan 4, 2011 9:31:17 PM

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