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July 13, 2011

Silver Lining?

This evening could have turned out to be a real pisser…

While playing racquetball this evening at the Green Mountain Rec Center, there… as they say in the south… “Came Up a Bad Cloud!”  My playing partner Rich and I could barely hear the crack of a 100mph + racquetball against the wall over the din of Rain, Hail and Thunder outside! 

I was dreading heading to the parking lot to see how much my Z4 was to look like a Titleist… heavy sigh…

That wasn’t all… while in the midst of an extremely aggressive rally, Rich’s racquet leash snapped… yeah, he lost his grip on the racquet… let me tell you it was a very strange sensation feeling the impact on my right elbow (yeah the boney part) and seeing the ball float harmlessly over my head.  Talk about not having a clue what the hell just happened.  OW!!! THAT FRIGG’N HURTS!

So after mopping up a little blood, and taping an aspirin to it we finished our match.  For the record I won 4 games to 1 (like you doubted it…).

After packing up my gear, I was filled with a feeling of despair and dread as I walked toward the parking lot.  I expected I was going to have to pull my camera out to take pictures of a heavily cratered Beemer for the Insurance record.  Those stones were quarter sized after all.

As luck would have it… BMW must make there cars outta Teflon or something because there was not one divot in that 4 foot hood line!  WOW!  Things are looking up!

Speaking of “looking up”  I was presented with other photography opportunities.  Rather than explain… I’ll let the images do the talking (or writing in this case).

Denver Rainbow

Denver Rainbow from Green Mountain

 Denver Pano1

green mountain storm

green mountain view

green mountain storm 2

And there you have it… Storms don’t always bring bad things.  There is plenty of beauty in their rage!

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