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August 10, 2011

So Long as it is on Someone Else’s Back!

I get disgusted every time I read a poll taken that says Americans want the wealthy taxed more and Businesses taxed more. 

Well they didn’t ask this American’s opinion!

A CNN/ORC poll reportedly found the following:

Most Americans want a special congressional committee tasked with drafting a long-term solution to the nation's mounting federal deficits to include tax hikes for the wealthy and businesses and deep cuts in domestic spending, according to a new national survey.

… [it] also indicates that the public doesn't want the super committee to propose major changes to Social Security and Medicare or increase taxes on middle class and lower-income Americans.

My gawd… Did they take a poll of 3rd graders?

Little lesson for you here folks, we need to stop with this “Wealthy need to pay their share!” bovine scatology!  They contribute way more than their fair share!  Yes they have nice houses, yes they live a life of luxury, yes they may not suffer as much as the local McDonalds worker with 4 kids.  SO WHAT?!

Once he is content in his personal interest he has to do something with all that money!  Usually this excess is invested!!!  Look it up!

That wealthy bastard, more than likely owns a business or two that hires any number of employees who earn and contribute to the economy!  He buys capital items for his business with the funds his business earns!  Those capital items come from other companies who hire workers to manufacture them.  If the Wealthy isn’t a direct business owner/runner he more than likely owns shares in companies, these shares are offered to people like you and me to help fund the operations of said businesses!  Want to feel the power of ownership?  Buy a stock!

If we tax these so called wealthy more, that is mathematically less money that employer will have to hire someone.  Look, lets say we tax multi-millionaires another $500,000.00 per year… would that make you feel better that they didn’t have it and the government did?

Why? … Because the government will be so much more efficient with those funds? 

Think about it.  That’s 10 people that employer cannot hire!  That’s 10 more people in the unemployment line, that’s 10 more people taking from the government for literally doing NOTHING!  Except maybe for looking for a job that is not out there because we’ve taxed the wealthy more!

Seriously get off your stupidity horse!

Second part… Let’s tax business more!  Face-Palm-Smack!

There is NO SUCH THING AS BUSINESS!!!  It is PEOPLE!  By taxing business more, we are taxing people more!  Whether they be the consumer of or the employee of that business!  Again for every $30,000 in taxes levied on a “BUSINESS” that is one less employee to be hired!  One less piece of equipment purchased.  That OR the business has to raise prices of goods or services to compensate for the tax increase.  (Ergo a tax on the consumer!)  The monies to pay these taxes don’t magically appear like a fart from a pixie!  They HAVE to come from hard working Americans! 

Now as for… “the public doesn't want the super committee to propose major changes to Social Security and Medicare or increase taxes on middle class and lower-income Americans.”

It is precisely these entitlements that have the “Government” in the pickle its in.  But noooo we can’t touch these because they are so… What?…  effective????   Obviously you are giving the donkey one of your patented cranial enemas!

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid absolutely need to be re-visited!  Increase the tax on EVERYONE if this is supposed to be for everyone!!! Raise the age of receiving these benefits!!! We’re living longer damn it!  It should ALWAYS be a function of the average lifespan!  And should be revisited every 10 years!  Whoever is born in “X” year is eligible for benefits in “Y” year!

“Don’t tax the Middle class or lower-income Americans…” Why not?  Do they not benefit from government services more than anyone?  Shouldn’t they be called upon to contribute their “Fair Share” too?

I say TAX EVERYONE EQUALLY!  Either a 20% income tax on everyone period!  No deductions!  or… let’s really simplify the tax code and institute a 9% sales tax on all goods sold to an end user (wholesale is exempt).  You pay a tax on that which you can afford!  Also we capture that missing trillion dollars in uncollected revenue from under-the-table employees and illegal aliens.

Also… this method greatly reduces the cost and the size of the IRS!  We could save 100’s of Billions in that alone!

Some good videos from a guy named Milton Freidman follow… good food for thought, if you’re willing to eat it.

The Free Lunch Myth--

Soak the Rich --

There you go…

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