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October 15, 2011


I travel quite a bit for my work… less than many, more than most.  Most of my commute is between Denver and New York.  The majority of our clients are in the New York, New Jersey, Hudson Valley area so that’s where my travels take me.  A couple of times a year we are invited to Washington DC to give a performance briefing to one of our largest accounts… Think Federal Government…

I really dig Washington DC!  (Not necessarily the Carbon Dioxide Factories that work there…) the city itself is captivating in it’s history and architecture.  One just feels pride as an American when strolling the Mall.

I didn’t have much time for photography as our work schedule was packed with presentations and client and potential client visits.  But I managed a few right around sunset on Monday while I was waiting for my Boss’s flight to arrive at DCA later that evening.  All around the Lincoln Memorial (one of my favorites).

So as always here are some of the fruits of my labors… I hope you enjoy.

lincoln Memorial HDR

Capitol HDR Lincoln Memorial Ranger Silouette

Then once again it was back up to New York for the remainder of the week.

I was hoping to capture the Northeast’s famous fall colors, but to my surprise and disappointment the foliage was only in it’s early stages of transition, and not very vibrant.  Probably had  a lot to due with all of the moisture the east has experienced this year, and the fairly mild fall thus far… That and the persistent gray overcast each day I was in town.  So… no leaves for you!

I joined my sister and brother-in-law in Brooklyn on Thursday evening for our usual sushi dinner and then took a stroll to the East River overlook of Manhattan to see if I could capture some compelling images of Lower Manhattan in the mist. 

lower manhattan fog pano

lower manhattan fog3

Eh… had better, had worse. 

Then Friday… after multiple meetings in the city it was off to LaGuardia to catch my flight home.  I hate LaGuardia… (JFK and Newark for that matter too!) I would say I get out of that airport on time about 17% of the time.  This time was no exception… Due to leave at 5:30… Left at 7:30!  (Had better, had worse!) Things were looking ok until a cold front came through bringing a line of storms with it.  Knocking the NYC TRACON on it’s ass!

LaGuardia went into a ground stop, suspending all departures and arrivals for about 40 minutes… wrench, meet gears!  At one point I counted no fewer than 27 aircraft on taxiway “Bravo” in line for departure on Runway 13.  At 3 and a half minutes between departures… you do the math!

LGA Crappy Weather

Yep… supposed to be home around 8:00pm last night… opened the garage door at 10:30pm.  I’ve had worse.

And there you have it.  This week in Denver… next? Jacksonville FL, Vienna GA, Tampa FL, then back in Denver.  Boy are my arms tired!

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The place on the second to the last photo is mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing! :D

Posted by: Vermont Ski | Dec 6, 2011 4:37:40 AM

Thanks Brian. I used PS CS5 for the top HDR. My settings for the surrealistic look start with the following then I do some minor tweaking for look and feel as I like.
Radius = 176
Strength = .49
Gamma = .74
Exposure = .30
Detail = 300%
Shadow = -100%
Highlight = -100%
Vibrance = 21%
Saturation = 23%

Add salt to taste... once exported into Photoshop proper I then add a dose of smart sharpening as I like.

I think my ev steps for this one were +1, 0, -1. I also set the camera on a stone pedestal (didn't have a tripod again). I exposed the "0" for the monument.

And finally, thanks for calling my attention to the rating. Gone!

Posted by: JC | Oct 17, 2011 7:14:47 PM

Pretty good stuff there dude! That first HDR is pretty nice - what are you using for that? I've been messing around with the HDR built into CS5, but it always comes out looking like... umm, not good.

BTW, you might want to get rid of the "Rate This Post" thing since NewsGator no longer does ratings. :)

Posted by: Brian R | Oct 17, 2011 4:40:15 PM

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