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December 30, 2011

Damn… Cancer part two!

Not Mom, Not Dad… but Ginger’s Mom!  Learned yesterday that a lump Ginger’s mom noticed a few weeks ago tested positive for cancer.  We haven’t yet received all the details, a full diagnosis is pending more tests to determine such things that my wife is far more versed in than I.

But suffice to say, all prayers, well wishes, and good thoughts directed toward Betty will be greatly appreciated. A prayer for strength for the rest of the family couldn’t hurt none neither…

I know where my prayers are focused.

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December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Awoke this morning from a long winter’s nap, greeted not by the subtle sounds of Bing Crosby singing I’ll be home for Christmas nor even Johnny Mathis’ The Christmas Song… No actually it was quite… well… quiet.  Christmas morning had come, and nearly gone by the time I stirred, comfortable in my nothing pressing agenda.  My wife sleeping comfortably next to me, also equally comfortable in letting the morning pass un-encumbered by our presence.  A gift to us really.

We find ourselves a mile from Ginger’s family’s farm, in a hotel in the western extremes of Lansing Michigan for this year’s Yuletide, surrounded by browning grasses, leafless trees, gray skies, and the local credit union drive through.  A captivating view to say the very least!

Lovely Lansing

I cannot seem to find the Christmas Spirit I am seeking this year, I’ve watched A Christmas Story a number of times and even spent a commercial break enjoying It’s a Wonderful Life and while these two classics, separate by a generation or two help to remind of what should be remembered, alas I am wont for that warm blanket of a charming Christmas.

I am usually critical and cynical of the Commercial Christmas, what with retail outlets seemingly putting up decorations the day after Labor Day!  By the time December 25th is upon us we have been drowned in forced appreciation of “it is more important to Give (especially using your Visa card) than to receive.”  But amazingly enough here in central Michigan there is an actual dearth of Christmas charm, cheer, or so much as garland!  Not even at the local retail outlets, nothing!  Not a wreath or candy cane mounted to the parking lot light poles, no trees wrapped with lights… squat!  If an extra terrestrial alien crew, after completing the requisite proctologic exams on you…  dropped you off of their ship today in the middle of West Lansing, as you looked around trying to find your bearings, and some Preparation H,  you would have NO clue that today is Christmas!  Today here is no different than February 7th!

I never thought I’d find myself actually missing this, but I am.  Much in the way Ralphie’s tale from his childhood reminds us of our own, it is the not-so-subtleties of Christmas we seem to find comfort in.  And they are not present this year.  Its as if the general mood of West Lansing matches the overcast skies.  There isn’t even the promise of snow as a gift of the gloom, just continued drab with a chance of dreary.

I don’t know who or what to blame, is it the poor economy (one that has impacted this area more than most)?  Is it an overzealous desire to be PC and avoid any reference to “Christmas” for fear of retribution by the Atheist Hoards?  Or simple laziness in the face of, “It’s Christmas, it’s coming whether I do anything or not…”?  I don’t know and don’t really care, the simple reality is… Christmas ain’t here in the farmlands of Central Michigan! 

Honestly I didn’t have high expectations for this particular Christmas, but amazingly enough (if you’re measuring absolute value) the reality is beyond my expectations.

I’m hoping the spirit of Christmas will still find a way to manifest itself, but if it doesn’t I guess it will allow for all future Christmases to excel in comparison.

Merry Christmas All… 

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December 15, 2011

Close to the News…

Hmm… little news story.

Poughkeepsie High teacher stabbed multiple times by co-worker…

…The stabbing, he said, took place in a hallway of the school at approximately 10:03 a.m. Almost immediately, teachers, students and staff began to intervene. English teacher Ronette Ricketts managed to stab Glozier 16 times in total, he said.

…Wilson said Ricketts had come earlier in the morning to the district office looking for a personnel action sheet. "Somehow she was under the impression that she was being terminated," he said, adding he did not know why….

…Glozier, 54, a Rhinebeck resident, also an English teacher at the school, is listed in stable condition and recovering at Saint Francis Hospital. No students were involved or harmed in the incident, said Wilson…

Ok, so why am I conveying this story to you my semi-interested readers?…

Well, I just found it interesting that I… who resides some 1,000 miles from today’s crime scene, was at both of these locations today for a couple of business meetings… St Francis Hospital first followed by Poughkeepsie City Schools (particularly, the Admin Building).   Small world…Huh? Sometimes I really wish it was bigger.  Oddly enough, both of my clients were a little late to my meetings…  Can’t imagine why?  (Actually, I knew exactly why, we were briefed on the situation in detail by my client at Poughkeepsie City Schools… hard not to discuss something like this…)

Man, what is wrong with people?

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