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March 27, 2012

Maybe it is about race!

This whole Trayvon Martin™ thing has me more than a little queasy lately.

If viewed from a higher Macrosocioracial point of view, a few observations are taken from this whole disgusting incident.

Never let a Racial Crisis go to waste!  Or in this case… Damn, the economy is in the tank, our foreign policy is a fools errand, we need something to polarize Americans immediately!!!  Something that shows how truly compassionate we in the media and government are in relation to Race Issues!  Y’know, because those Republicans are racist, we all know it.

Hey, there's this case in Florida where this Neighborhood Watch Nazi shot an innocent black teen… simply walking in a neighborhood before he was to help elderly folks across the road!

What?… Whaddya mean the shooter identifies himself as Hispanic?  Oh… Damn… Wait!  His dad was white!  That makes him WHITE!  and a RACIST!

What?… Whaddya mean Zimmerman a registered Democrat?… Hmmm that’s a bit inconvenient… He’s still white right?  Ok, he’s a token Democrat!  Racist!

What?… Whaddya mean Zimmerman has physical wounds indicating he was assaulted, punched, and had his head being bounced on the ground?… Before he shot Trayvon™?   Hmmm, well that’s because he assaulted Trayvon™ first by observing him and asking what he was up to in a neighborhood where he had not been seen before!  Racist stereotyper!

What?… Whaddya mean witnesses account that Zimmerman was heading back to his SUV after being advised by the Police Dispatcher not to continue following the suspicious character when he was then assaulted by Trayvon™? … Hmmmm… damn… Zimmerman is still WHITE right?  He’s a liar then!

This unfortunately seems to be the message being perpetuated by the Media and the Administration… “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon™!”  --- Really??? Would he also have the attitude and vocabulary Trayvon™ apparently possessed? [Link to Trayvon’s™ tweets under the handle “No Limit Nigga” (his words not mine…)] ---

Granted Zimmerman had no knowledge of these character traits of this particular youth, but honestly I don’t think George Zimmerman gave a rat’s ass about this kid’s past as he lay on his back, bleeding from his nose, having his head pounded on the pavement.  He didn’t know the kid’s past, but was well aware of Trayvon’s™ “present” and in a decisive moment was about to determine the kid’s future.

Had the outcome been different and George Zimmerman been the one remaining on the ground in a pool of his own blood, what would the headline read? “Profiled Persecuted Warm Hearted African American Youth Kills Oppressor in Self Defense”?

Without having all the facts in yet, I may be leaping to conclusions… but why are my leaps (based on pretty substantial circumstantial evidence) any more heinous than the leaps being made by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, The New Black Panther Party, MSNBC and to a degree the sitting administration and water carriers in congress?

This whole incident seems nothing more that racial opportunists run amok! The more time passes the more it is beginning to look like the facts do not support the claims by the emotionalism excelling to the point of lunacy!

The point is, investigations are continuing and now that we have meandered so far down this dirty road, what is to be the outcome when Eric Holder and his Feds are left with no choice based on REAL evidence to declare that, no civil liberties were violated, no racial motivation was present, and it is indeed under the law, a case of self defense! 

But then again, maybe that would be the best outcome… Only Nixon could go to China.

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March 26, 2012

That Ain’t Good, Cuz Those Ain’t Clouds!

Looked out across the backyard this evening and a significant cloud deck to the south caught my eye.  Only a mere second or two passed when I realized, “Damn!  That’s not a cloud!  That’s Smoke!”


That ain’t good!  Especially considering we have a relative humidity somewhere near 15% and a sustained wind in the 50 knots neighborhood here today!  Gunna be a long night for residents in the Rocky Mountain Foothills here tonight.  Not to mention fire fighters!

Fire Pano


Fire HDR 1

Fire Pano2

God bless ‘em all!  Thoughts and prayers are with my fellow Coloradans tonight.

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March 22, 2012

Whitney was doing Coke???!

CAUTION!  Cold-hearted-SOB commentary follows…

This just in…

Coroner: Houston drowned after cocaine use

NO!!!! Can’t be!

“[In addition to cocaine] The toxicology tests found other drugs in her body, including marijuana, the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, the muscle relaxant Flexeril and the allergy medicine Benadryl, the report said. But these drugs "did not contribute to the death,"

Nah, the veritable Twinkie full of medications and narcotics she had onboard didn’t contribute to her death… Noooo…  Obviously it was her inability to swim!

I am so tired of Superstar Apologists!  Y’know, she destroyed her life, God gave her talent and opportunity and she turned it into a soup sandwich!  I have no sympathy to those who choose this path and end up exactly where the route map said it would.

I found it an interesting irony that on the same day the Coroner released this news, the LA City council passed a symbolic resolution “Urging Media to Curb Racist & Sexist slurs”

What was the onus of this?  You ask…  No, not Rush Limbaugh’s insensitive “Slut” remarks, but rather because two LA radio hosts had the gall to call Whitney a “Crack Ho”!  … Obviously a slur! 

As she said to Diane Sawyer, Whitney don’t do Crack! “Crack is cheap! I make too much money to do Crack!”… “Crack is Whack!” … no really… she said this:

Now if that’s not sad hilarious enough for you… There was a fantastic MAD TV parody of this interview that followed shortly after… A parody, that today under the censorship muzzles the LA City Council would like to impose, would never be aired. 

I miss shows like MAD TV and In Living Color, these shows did not follow the safe and secure meme of only bash Conservatives and Christian White folks… they picked on everyone… equally!  And most (like Whitney) deserved the ridicule!

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March 21, 2012

Moving on…

I wanted to give Lex’s dedication a proper life here on my pages as the post you land on when visiting Carmichael’s Position.  It is hard to believe we were all struck with the news of our friend’s passing two weeks ago now.

In that two weeks, the rest of my world blurred a bit.  Not because of accumulated tears, though there were those… but more because life’s obligations did not let up in his passing for the rest of us.

Me, after hoisting numerous Guinness's – for strength – I had to get my act together, get all my shit in one sock and then “Move On”. 

Moving on for me involved my work obligations, which required my presence back in New York City, the “Center of the Universe” (their opinion… not necessarily mine!).  Work was good.  Fifteen meetings in 4 days is not an effort to be made by the weak or meek… Although being 10 pounds lighter and possibly five laps less around the sun might not have hurt none… I was beat by the end of the week.  It’s good to be exhausted once in awhile.  All of the meetings went well and were productive.  I like our clients, they are good, hard working people.

In the course of my daily rounds I occasionally have opportunity to work on my passion of photography.   Unfortunately, I was mostly disappointed in my efforts this time around… be it poor subject matter choice, poor composition or the occasional poor technical settings, I was not excelling at my hobby.  I did however, manage to capture a couple of images I rather like, and after posting these on my Facebook pages, others have liked them as well… I am flattered and humbled by their appreciation.

The first one I took while waiting for my train’s departure from Grand Central Station.  I had to have a long exposure due to the low light conditions in GST.  What I captured was all of the motion of the busy transportation hub, all better exemplified by the still, motionless photographer in the middle of the bustle, trying to secure a photo of his own…

GST Photographer

And the second image from the trip, was taken on the way home after the long week.  From seat 7F of a Frontier Airlines Airbus 319, meandering along at 34,000 feet and 486kts, I looked out my window and was captivated by my view.  Through an arch created by two spent thunderheads, in the setting sunlight, a cumulus cloud was highlighted in all its grandeur.  It was fascinating and I had to take a crack at capturing it through the double plated window. Here’s my result.

Sunset 34000ft 

This week following has been busy as well, always is after a trip back to NY.  Plenty of life’s daily’s to keep me busy and focused.  That’s a good thing… sure beats the alternative.

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March 07, 2012

Talk Among Yourselves

LexIt is with heavy heart and tear filled reddened eyes that I write this post this evening.  I am not sure exactly when I will press the “publish” confirm on this as the news has not yet been made public.  Of course, by the time you read this the news will have been.  But right now, I need to write…

This evening I learned of the death of a fellow Blog Buddy and writer extraordinaire Neptunus Lex (Captain, Carroll LaFon USN(Ret.)).

Article [Link]

My words this evening I’m sure will not come easy, which is somewhat ironic considering that for Lex the opposite always appeared to be the case.   I first started reading Neptunus Lex some nine years ago now, back in the early days of the Blogosphere… There were fewer of us then and his prose stood out as something to take note.  He used polysyllabic words in proper context and could offer up a Latin phrase without consulting wikipedia!

Truly a renaissance man, his blog became a regular daily read for me and… as the years advanced, for literally thousands of others.  I first found myself drawn to his Blog due to his fantastic yarns of Naval Aviation daring do known as Rhythms.  It wasn’t so much the plot, as I have heard many a similar tale over the years, but more in the way he spun the words.  Rather than bringing the story to you, he brought you to the story.  It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, yet Lex could create a picture in far fewer.

Lex died this morning doing what he loved to do, fly!  We knew this as his love was so skillfully rendered in his years of digital pages, and we were captivated by his love affair.  We all anxiously awaited his next post telling us how his flying day went.  There will be no more posts…

Lex’s writings were not solely dedicated to Naval Aviation, no… as I said Lex was truly a renaissance man, he shared with us philosophic insight few scholars can match.  He had a way about him to boil down what many of us were thinking about an issue but we lacked the vocabulary or literary dexterity to convey properly in prose.  Lex nailed it time and time again! 

One of my favorite posts of his was on “Belief” and exactly what he believed in… http://www.neptunuslex.com/2003/10/22/beliefs/.  I walked away from that post concurring with… well hell… All of it!  Wishing I could learn to write well and assemble my thoughts a little more productively.

Another perhaps a proper legacy is Lex’s account of Ulysses… the hyperlinks are important.

I will miss him.  I know I will catch myself looking wantonly at my links in the left pane here of Carmichael’s Position looking for Lex’s next post… knowing grudgingly it will never come.  I will resign myself to reading his archives once again, enjoying his legacy, his advice, and his turn of a phrase. 

A few days ago, Lex himself expressed concern and prayers be shared for the victims and their families of a tragic helicopter accident in the training grounds of Yuma Arizona.  Little did he realize just how prophetic his words would be…

“It’s a dangerous business even in peacetime training, but you never quite grow used to this sort of thing…Prayers for their families, if you’re the praying sort.”

My prayers are surely with, The Hobbit, Son Number One, The Biscuit, and Kat.  His family… and thanks to his words… ours too!  We have always been here for Lex, now we are here for you!

God Bless… And thank you for sharing him with us all these years, you are not alone in your grief!

On days when Lex did not have the time to publish profound works of art, he was always kind enough inform us that his posting would be sparse for the time being.  He often would throw us a bone in the form of a controversial news link and then allow us all to voice our commentary in his comments section.  His final words would be “Talk Amongst Yourselves” as he proceeded to carry on with his life.  Now we are left to only… talk amongst ourselves, but you know he’ll be following the threads.

Thank you Lex… Here’s to you, and those like you… damn few left!

For more tributes to the man… (recommend having a hanky handy) might I suggest:

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