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March 22, 2012

Whitney was doing Coke???!

CAUTION!  Cold-hearted-SOB commentary follows…

This just in…

Coroner: Houston drowned after cocaine use

NO!!!! Can’t be!

“[In addition to cocaine] The toxicology tests found other drugs in her body, including marijuana, the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, the muscle relaxant Flexeril and the allergy medicine Benadryl, the report said. But these drugs "did not contribute to the death,"

Nah, the veritable Twinkie full of medications and narcotics she had onboard didn’t contribute to her death… Noooo…  Obviously it was her inability to swim!

I am so tired of Superstar Apologists!  Y’know, she destroyed her life, God gave her talent and opportunity and she turned it into a soup sandwich!  I have no sympathy to those who choose this path and end up exactly where the route map said it would.

I found it an interesting irony that on the same day the Coroner released this news, the LA City council passed a symbolic resolution “Urging Media to Curb Racist & Sexist slurs”

What was the onus of this?  You ask…  No, not Rush Limbaugh’s insensitive “Slut” remarks, but rather because two LA radio hosts had the gall to call Whitney a “Crack Ho”!  … Obviously a slur! 

As she said to Diane Sawyer, Whitney don’t do Crack! “Crack is cheap! I make too much money to do Crack!”… “Crack is Whack!” … no really… she said this:

Now if that’s not sad hilarious enough for you… There was a fantastic MAD TV parody of this interview that followed shortly after… A parody, that today under the censorship muzzles the LA City Council would like to impose, would never be aired. 

I miss shows like MAD TV and In Living Color, these shows did not follow the safe and secure meme of only bash Conservatives and Christian White folks… they picked on everyone… equally!  And most (like Whitney) deserved the ridicule!

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