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June 18, 2012

New York last week…

Duty called and I responded… last week I was in NYC, NJ and the Hudson Valley visiting clients and insuring our company is performing to our clients expectations.  We are… of course… we don’t fail in Client Services… at least not on MY watch!!!  Winking smile

As is my usual I always have my camera attached to my brief case in case a good photo op presents itself.  And New York, for all of it’s many faults, does usually deliver photo opportunities.  The question is… do I have the eye at that particular time to recognize it?  Or the time to take advantage of the scene before me.  Sometimes “yes” sometimes “no”.

This trip was not one for too many opportunities.  I was on the run constantly.  15 meetings in 4 days will do that to you.  But alas I did capture a few.

This one was along Park Avenue (quite near the Waldorf) I was actually trying to capture a little bit of the hustle that is New York.  My challenge was to create that feeling using a long exposure to illustrate both the motion and the structure of NYC.   I liked how the image conveys the motion of the traffic yet shows that some can take a break in all the bustle.

Busy Day NYC

This next one was taken of the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie New York.  Nothing really spectacular about this shot (as it was shot in the middle of the day… not recommended for capturing any emotion in an image) but I was working on capturing a foreground element in a landscape.

Mid Hudson Bridge3

And finally, the one I like the most.  An abstract of 8 Spruce Street.  A new tower completed last year by renowned architect Frank Gehry.  I often feel its cheating a bit when I take a picture of something that by design is artistic, it’s like painting a picture of a painting… but, to hell with it!  How many pictures of buildings have you seen in your lifetime?!  There’s a reason they look cool!… So we appreciate them!!!

8 Spruce Street Gehry Tower 4


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