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July 17, 2012

New York, July 2012 Photography

Back from my New York trip last week.  This visit had me driving the countryside of New Jersey… That’s right, New Jersey does have a “Countryside!” it’s not all Newark!  (Thank Gawd!)

Unfortunately all of my drives through said countryside required my attentiveness behind the wheel, and as such did not take any pictures of the lush green woodlands and fields.

This first image really challenged my knowledge of the new technology that is Digital SLR Photography.  A year or so ago I upgraded my equipment to now include a Nikon D7000 camera.  At the time it was the leader in Mid-Level Semi-Pro Camera Bodies.  I’ll spare you all of the Marketing Propaganda, but one of the advanced features of this camera is better resolution and less noise at higher ISO Numbers.  (In English… The Camera has better ability to process images in low light conditions).  I really tested that ability with this image… This shot was taken from about 1,500 feet over Manhattan as my airplane flew the "’Downwind, up the Hudson” leg of our approach to LaGuardia.  This was about 15 to 20 minutes AFTER sunset!  The plane is moving along at nearly 250 miles per hour and bouncing a bit.  I make the necessary adjustments to the camera (for those who understand camera hieroglyphics: ISO800, 1/60, f3.5, 18mm) and take the shot.

Approach over NYC

Which was right behind the zoomed in one I had taken a few seconds prior…

Empire State Building from the Air

This next one was of the White Plains Train Station, deserted at 10:30pm on Sunday night.

White Plains Train Station

I did have my usual allotment of meetings in Manhattan, but those were going to be mostly on Friday. Tuesday was the only evening I had that was “unaccounted for” so I took the liberty of jumping the train from White Plains down to “The City” as it is referred to in the burbs, to see if I could find a way to take photos of landmarks that have already been photographed hundreds of millions of times!

I’m sure not one of these images are anywhere near an original photographic idea… but at least I challenged myself to exercise some creativity.

Empire State Building from Bryant Park Times Square Subway 2

Times Square Low Angle

Top left is the Empire State Building (duh…) as seen from Bryant Park.  The highlights in the foliage on the left is created by a bank of lights (think night baseball game) shining down on the park from the rooftop of the building at 1095 Avenue of the Americas. 

Top right is a creative shot I took at Times Square of the 42nd street subway station entrance.  Shot with a shallow depth of field and a long exposure.  I reduced the color in Photoshop to help draw attention to the subway station.

And finally, the bottom shot is of Times Square… probably THE most photographed landmark in NYC.  So I tried something different.  This shot was achieved by literally placing the camera on the ground!  Then executing a long exposure using a wireless shutter release.  I love the motion effect of the cabs streaking by, and the spinning sign on the Paramount Theater’s Façade.

And there you have it… July in NYC.

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This taken was obtained by basically putting the digital camera on the ground! Then performing a long visibility using a wifi shutter launch. Love the way you capture it. :)

Posted by: invoice factoring  | Jul 31, 2012 8:11:31 AM

July in NYC. The thought of the smell keeps me away.

Posted by: KenofSoCal | Jul 17, 2012 3:44:45 PM

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