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May 22, 2013

A more than un-momentous event

This evening marks the completion of my 46th lap around the sun.  God willing, I will awake tomorrow to greet my 47th year.

Honestly, I can’t say I’m very enthused.  47 is like the ‘84 Chevy Citation of the birthday world… It ain’t sexy, it’s seriously underpowered, the paint is fading, no one will trade you for it, and the spare tire seems to be the only compelling feature!  Yeah… see what I mean?

As a few of you lurkers have probably noticed, my prose has once again taken a significant hiatus around these here parts. No, it’s not because blogging has become blasé or outta trend, hell I still wear Levi 505’s for Gods sake, trendiness really isn’t a concern of mine… but as I explained to my boss the other day, I’ve refrained from writing simply because I’m tired of the politics of life.  And if I voice my opinion here, no matter how well supported or written, I continue to find myself engulfed in the quagmire of Right-v-Left “Talking Points” as if no one can ever formulate their own values, beliefs or opinions without being told what to think, for fear they may say something logical that violates the position of their political leanings.  Oh the horror! 

And… that has worn me out like that ‘84 Citation! 

I used to find writing cathartic, in a job where I have very little “Office Bantor” communication I am left with the lunacy of the internet, everything from Facebook, to News Outlets that no longer believe in “Just the facts, Ma’am” to the Blood Pressure increasing Drudge Report.  I felt my writing provided nothing more than another voice to the cacophony of ill-informed moon howlers.  All a derivation of some narcissistic need to be heard, read, appreciated.  … Sad really.

Do I vow to change that?  No… I may visit these pages a little more often depositing various sundries of indulgent wit, and maybe a photo or two… but nah, I’m in no mood to commit to anything that I may find myself failing at… again… 

That’s all… nothing momentous… nothing earth shattering… nothing compelling… but then again, I’ve been conditioned somehow to give too much of a shit what others think of me… my thoughts, my work, my arts.  I need to not.  Sorry folks but the only person I need to appreciate and seek the approval of… is me.   Well… and maybe my wife… and family… and my friends… and my clients… and my bosses… Ah to hell with it…!

Bourbon… That’s what I need.  Here’s to the end of 46 of em!  Let’s see what 47 brings with it!

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