November 08, 2008

Little Prairie Dog'n

A little cuteness for a Saturday...






These little guys are in a field next to a church down the street from us.  Now I know a number of my readers are thinking... "Varmit"... but damn they're cute ain't they?

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September 28, 2008

Colorado at 75 Miles Per Hour

Returning from a great weekend in Grand Junction with the Tailhook Association for an Airshow and the Cattle Barons BBQ, I thought I'd provide y'all with a taste of Fall in the Colorado Rockies.  The Aspens have indeed exploded with their brilliant gold! 

Please note that some of the image quality of these is slightly degraded as one, it was a bit cloudy and... two,  I jacked up the shutter speed to take these pics while we traversed I-70 at 75 miles per hour.  But, good stuff never the less.

Fall 08 Colorado 8

Fall 08 Colorado 7

Fall 08 Colorado 3 Fall 08 Colorado 2

Fall 08 Colorado 1

Fall 08 Colorado 4

And now as a tease for the blog to come...

DSC_0031 DSC_0125





More from the Airshow later...

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September 11, 2008


Nope, not something I'll ever forget, or forgive! 


No, I do not have concern or feelings for those who perpetrated or support those who did, by direct aid or philosophical proxy.

I offer a continued thank you to all of you who are continuing to take the fight to the all of the Bastards that do not recognize the rights we believe ALL Humans have, despite your nationality, race, sex, age or RELIGION!  The Tyranny of fear needs to be stopped.

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August 20, 2006

When Your Pet Thinks... "You've Had Enough Time on the Computer!"

 21 Pounds of Ballanese is hard to ignore!

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February 17, 2006

Been Sick!

Man am I ticked!  I just completed writing a post about all of the latest hubbub in the news lately, and absent mindedly clicked the back button in my browser's window while composing the post and lost all of my writing!  Hate when I do that!  It would be nice if Typepad could find a way to guard against losing all of my draft when I execute such a dumb-ass maneuver!  (Wow, I'm sounding dangerously close to a... well you know who you are... with a statement like that!  When I want a company to protect me from my own stupidity... Can anyone say "Caution contents in this coffee cup could be hot! Drink with extreme care!")

Anyway the gist of the post was clarifying to my readers why I had not been posting lately in spite of all the juicy political and media topics that have been laid before us.  I'll try to recreate my commentary on the topics of the week in the next day or so, but it is late and I am sick!  Which is why my posting has been a bit sparse.  I am usually a very resilient person who seldom gets sick, but wow, did I catch a doosy!  I have been wiped out for a week!  It started right after my business trip to Los Angeles last week.  Damn commercial airliners!  That does it, private jets for me from here on!

One thing I did want to share with you gentle readers is the view I had from my hotel in Los Angeles.  The sunrise on Wednesday morning was stunning!  Please enjoy. 



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November 21, 2005

Who Needs a Spell Checker?

This is too cool not to post!  And to think I spent all that time over at Scott's computer back in college because I couldn't spell to save my life!

It looks weird. Believe it or not, you can
read it.

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty
waht I was
phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to
rscheearch at Cmabrigde
Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the
ltteers in a wrod are,
olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat
ltteer be in the rghit
pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can
sitll raed it wouthit a
porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not
raed ervey lteter by
istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh?

Thanks to Steve Bamford over at

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August 15, 2005

Grand Junction Airshow (part 2)

As my friends will attest, I am a huge fan of all things aviation.  On my "Goals in Life" list, becoming a acrobatic rated pilot is still on there.  Maybe I should start by getting my Private Pilot's License first huh? 

Anyway until that time I still satisfy my love and  reinforce my goals by attending the most convenient airshows I can. Blueangel6low This year's was the Grand Junction Airshow, some 4 hours from Denver.  My buddy Ken, who shares my love for aviation, my lack of funds to attain my pilot's license and my vicarious passion for watching those who have both, saw the same opportunity and we planned a "Road Trip!"

Img_0451 We invited a number of others that we thought would also enjoy the chance to 'Get away" for a long weekend, drink beer, swap lies, dream of pulling G's, and admire those who do... while getting a tan and losing our hearing to the "SOUND OF FREEDOM!"  And wouldn't you know it... "I have to work... sounds like fun but - (fill in most convenient excuse here)" prevailed among all!  Bummer!  For them, because Ken and I had a great time, blowing off steam and enjoying some of the greatest flying in the world.

Glenwoodcanyon As many will encourage... "It is the journey through life that is to be reveled" and I cannot agree more.  The journey to Grand Junction through the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Summit county, Glenwood Canyon and Colorado's Wine Country (yep we have one here in CO and the Irony of two San Diego State Graduates driving through Wine Country ala "Sideways" was not lost on us) was an inspiring trek.

Grand Junction CO is still in many ways a small town that progress only nudges every 5 years or so.  Which is a good thing, we need oasis of a calming community.  Grand Junction is it, right down to their "Small Town" Commuter airline airport!  I love these airports for airshows, they have an atmosphere needed to feel the adventure reminiscent of Barnstorming of the 1930's.  Especially with the US Desert Southwest serving as dramatic backdrop!


I really enjoy opportunities like this in life!  Think back on the stories you tell throughout your life... they almost always take place in the context of an adventure with good friends in a new or different location from where we conduct our daily lives.  These times bring color to our life, allowing us to truly enjoy the company we keep and relish each minute of the opportunity.

F16sunsetI wish that all of my friends could be there with me to make this time even that much better!  But alas the realities of life dictate otherwise.  But it does give me opportunity to share with those I love, through illustrative narrative, the adventure I had.  And I hate to not have a few good stories to tell!

For those of you who I did not have the pleasure of spending this relaxing time with, and for those  who are interested, I have added a new photo album (right column -- larger thumbnail) to share but some of the impressions I had this weekend.  Please enjoy, I did!

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August 14, 2005

Grand Junction Airshow!

As a bit of a teaser, there will be more to follow about this trip.  But I just wanted to give a little taste of the images I saw and the fun I had this past weekend when my friend Ken Schoeni and I took a road trip out to Grand Junction, CO to see their Airshow featuring the Blue Angels.  (All photos courtesy of me and my Cannon Powershot S1 IS)


F16andp51 Genesousy

F18cnoseon P51d_1

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May 09, 2005

Give until it starts to stop the Hurting

I post this as a call to action.  My fiancé Ginger is an RN at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers and she is definitely doing her part in helping with cancer patients.  I often wonder if I could do the same, I enjoy bringing comfort, laughter, and smiles to as many people as I can, but I am torn apart by injustice and cruelty.  And in my mind Cancer equals both!  I have had a number of relatives with cancer, many are still fighting the disease, others have overcome the bastard, and still others have succumbed to the pain and suffering.  I could not bear to get close to people knowing that there is a better than average chance they may not live too much longer, but Ginger and her fellow nurses, doctors, MA’s and administrative staff take this burden on to try to help those fighting the fight in continuing hope that these patients are added to the growing list of “Those who have overcome the bastard!” 

Sandy Hamilton, has posted a reference to the GabbyGabby_1 Krause Foundation and  their Bags of Fun campaign to help bring a moment of joy to kids with cancer.  I’m going to help where I can, and I recommend you all do too, where you can.

From Sandy…

Gabbys Wish - The Gabby Krause Foundation

Thursday evening the CBS affiliate in Denver (Channel 4) did a special segment on Gabby Krause. For those of you who don't know of Gabby - she died of brain cancer last fall at the age of six. She was an amazing child; a big bright smile, full of energy and laughter and smart as a whip. What was incredible about Gabby is that while she was fighting cancer, during the chemotherapy, brain surgery's, through it all - she wanted to bring smiles to the faces of all of the other kids going through what she was, while at Children's Hospital. She wanted to deliver what she called a "bag of fun" full of toys and games to the kids and their families to brighten up their days.

After Gabby died, her mother (Tammy) and father (Tom) wanted to carry on the tradition and started The Gabby Krause Foundation for the purpose of bringing these "bags of fun" to other kids with cancer. What started out as a great idea has grown tremendously with the help of a number of dedicated friends and family who want to fulfill on Gabby's wish. What's transpired over the past several months has been nothing short of miraculous. People throughout Colorado and beyond have heard about Gabby's story and want to contribute in a number of ways. Tammy and Tom Krause are amazing people and the volunteers that they have working with them are completely driven and dedicated to making this foundation a resounding success. The foundation is putting on a fundraiser on June 3rd at the Park Meadows mall - it's called "Bring Out The Bags". Hundreds of people are expected to attend what will be a great, great night.

There are a lot of fund-raising events throughout the year, for a number of causes. This is one of those events that's special. Started by the dream of a child with cancer that wanted to help others. The parents of that child wanting to fulfill that dream. A child, and parents that touch the lives of everyone that they come in contact with. So here are a couple of requests that I have;

1) If you can attend the event on the 3rd, great, If not please go to The Gabby Krause Foundation home page and make a pledge.

2) If you're associated with a company that could possibly become a sponsor of the event, this is one of those times where it makes sense. We all know someone that has access to funds at a company for charity. Corporate Sponsors as well as corporate donations to the foundation are still needed.

3) Blog about this. Or send a link of my blog to others. Whatever it takes to spread the word would be appreciated.   

Lets help Tammy and Tom and the rest of the tireless volunteers grow this cause and perhaps make this foundation known not only throughout Colorado, but throughout the Rockies, throughout the country and even beyond. Thanks.                                    

[Sandy Hamilton - Perspectives]

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April 15, 2005

Don't Like the Weather? Wait 15 Minutes!

"Don't Like the Weather?... Wait 15 Minutes."  Is a common phrase we use here in Denver when introducing newcomers to the area. 

This past Sunday (sorry for the delay, busy work week) we had one of our usual spring snows here in Denver.  Most people who have never lived in the "Mile High City" think we are buried in snow all winter long.  Actually that is rarely the case.  Denver maybe gets 3-7 snow storms per winter, with average accumulation in the 3-6 inch range.  But what lands on the ground is usually gone within a day or three, remember we have over 300 days of sunshine per year and we're a mile closer to the sun.  So snow stands little chance of surviving long here. 

What we do experience are extreme shifts in weather.  1000022_imgSaturday temps were in the upper 60's here, a nice spring day.  Sunday we got dumped on and didn't get out of the 30's, By Tuesday we were back in the 60's and yesterday we were in the 70's, next Monday the forecast is for Snow again.  Which has little chance of actually materializing because our weather forecasters here cannot predict the weather any further out than 14 hours!  5 days is a true crap shoot!  1000026_img_1 I want a job where I can be wrong 85% of the time and get paid a good salary for being so.  Here are the before and after shots of my yard between 7:30pm Saturday and 2:00pm Sunday (19 hours).  It actually accumulated another 4-5 inches by the time the storm was over.

1000036_img A little note about the pic on the left here, that snow covered power line you see sagging its way through the middle of the picture is actually a phone line no bigger around than your pinky, but has caked with heavy wet snow, and has subsequently deflected the line some 8 feet!

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