October 12, 2010

Three Years Ago

I didn’t make much mention of it last week, as we were in the midst of a family emergency, requiring us to “Bring up the ‘Family Reserve’”. 

But… the same day that Ginger’s father went under the knife for heart-triple-bypass surgery, October 6th, just so happened to be mine and my bride’s 3rd wedding anniversary.  Needless to say we were not in much of a celebratory mood last Wednesday. 

Alas, we were presented with a great gift that day.  The gift of Ginger’s father’s continued presence in our lives.  The surgery came off without a hitch, and as I type this, Les is home relaxing, playing cards with "The Family Reserve" a new lease on life pumping away in his stitched up chest.

Now that the immediate emergency has past, I want to take this time to acknowledge the wholeness my bride Ginger brings to my life every day!  There is no more fortunate man than I.  Thank you Ginger for 3 fantastic years of matrimony and the 11 years prior of courtship… I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 


I remember that day like it was yesterday…  Another day where the “Friend and Family Reserve” came up, for support and celebration.  

I am truly Blessed with the best of all Friends and Family… in my world they are the same!

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September 08, 2010

Warped Ideas

Many think I am a bit warped in my Conservative/Libertarian views… personally I think I’m a pretty straight thinker.  Much like the lines in the image below… but funny how everyone else thinks I’m warped…  I guess it’s a matter of perspective.


Just food for thought next time I’m the idiot!

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July 15, 2010

Harassed Owl

Ginger and I were sitting out on the veranda this evening here at Casa de Carmichael, enjoying an “Adult Beverage” when I noticed the normally dormant birds of the neighborhood creating a bit of a commotion.

I rose from my nearly defunct patio chaise to investigate further.  On my roof I noticed what, for all first impressions, appeared to be a sizable cat on the pinnacle.  Hmmm… that doesn’t make sense…

Upon further investigation I realized it was an uninvited owl.  And let me tell you, the resident avian population was none too thrilled by this interloper’s presence.  The Robins were buzzing him like Spitfires against the Luftwaffe!

Me?  I was intrigued, and immediately thought of a potential photo op.  Yeah I know it was 38 minutes after sunset… so?  Remember Stu’s post about my chasing the impossible?  Press on dumbshit!

By the time I grabbed the Nikon, said interloper had departed my rooftop in search of more peaceful perches.  Not to be deterred, I listened…  And yep heard the commotion of annoyed robins begin again across the street.  I pursued the cacophony, now with Nikon in hand… I had the presence of mind to jack up the ISO knowing I’d be shooting in near dark, and switched to my stabilized lens.  And took what shots I could.  Here are some of my results…

harassesd owl

Notice in the silhouette you can see one of the intrepid raptor’s antagonists on the rooftop with him (her?).

And here are some super grainy (due to an ISO in excess of 1600) of my pursuit.

Owl low light

Owl 2

Not bad considering the conditions.  Man, I cannot imagine how we used to get by using only film photography.  This could not have been photographed 15 years ago!  It was very cool never the less.

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June 11, 2010

Man!… It’s gotta smell bad in there.

Red Bull Air Racer, Matt Hall, had a bit of a problem with his airplane hydroplaning a bit. 

Over “G” Stall at low altitude… not a good result.

For any of you who ever wanted to know why a flight suit is sometimes referred to as a “Poopy Suit”… well there you go.

Pretty sure he doesn’t need a Red Bull to provide him with an adrenalin boost for awhile.


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May 16, 2010

Moon and Venus in the Neighborhood

Last night, my buddy Derek celebrated his 40th birthday with friends up at his house in Genesee.  From his deck we had a tremendous view of a couple of his stellar neighbors…

moon and venus 5-16-10

Please forgive any shortcomings in the image… I was sans tripod.

moon and venus 5-16-10 b

Doesn’t mean I won’t try…

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And to think I wasted 6 hours of my life watching the original version!

HT to Brad Wilson…

Episodes 4-6 in 2 minutes… and amazingly enough it doesn’t lose a thing in translation!

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March 19, 2010

I’m Kinda Enjoying the Protest

I’ve never been one to appreciate protesting or protestors too much.  Mostly because up until now they have been comprised of the “Opposition Party” and anarchists (neither on my list of favorites). For me, my protest usually takes the form of unreasoned paragraphs on this blog, and my “Don’t Tread On Me” Navy Jack flying from my front porch.

But I have to say I’m enjoying the recent “Shoe on the other foot” protests coming from the likes of “Tea Partiers” and regular grass roots small business owners and Chamber of Commerce members (the back bone of America).

In our world of partisan bickering, one avenue to voice an opinion has been through advertising.  Remember MoveOn.org folks and their “General Betray-us” advertisement in the New York Times?

Well a number of Small Business Owners across the country are beginning to make a statement against the policies and actions of Barak Obama and his Administration, using Billboards.  I like it, no painted faces yelling through a bull-horn chanting jingoistic jodies (USMC visitors will know what that term refers to), no ritualistic drums and tambourines, just simple thought and smile provoking imagery.  And they are not blocking access to anything.

These two can be found in (of all places) Minnesota.

image  image

And now one from Grand Junction Colorado!


If you can’t see quite clearly enough, that’s Jimmy “The Second Worst President Evah” Carter.

Heheh… get ‘em while you can, before that there 1st Amendment of the Constitution gets “deemed” null and void!  ;-)

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March 05, 2010

SDI – Skeeter Defense Initiative

A friend of mind commented that he likes visiting Carmichael’s Position simply because he never knows what I’m going to write about next.

His friendly way of saying I am all over the map… A.D.D Extraordinaire

Today’s post is no exception.  Thanks to the “day job” I find myself perusing any number of Energy, Financial, and Climatological websites.  Today I was over at “Watts Up With That?” a very science based view of everything from “Global Warming Claims” to new technology to help the world. 

Today’s article focused on the latter. …And piqued my interest from both a scientifically curious and a “redneck-beer-swillin’-entertained-by-the-bug-zapper-on-a-summer-night” point of view.

It turns out that a program is well under way… and tested, that will kill flying mosquitoes using lasers, much in a similar fashion to the way we propose to shoot down missiles using lasers.

The anti-mosquito laser system is being funded by Intellectual Ventures, a company run by Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft's former CTO.

In an essay in Seed Magazine last month, Myhrvold wrote, "Our current approaches to combat the disease are low-tech: bed nets, sold or freely given; spraying or soaking bed nets in insecticide; spraying and draining water in breeding sites. Although these approaches work, they could work better with new technology."

But the coolest thing is that there is VIDEO!!! of it!

How cool is this!  And for you PETA folks out there who are disgusted by the violence… Uh… you know… talk among yourselves, cuz most of my readership doesn’t give a sh!t what y’all think anyway.  (Except when you supermodel dings go out and protest nekkid and all… but then again… we ain’t listening then either.)

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February 17, 2010

Artistically Entertaining

In what is described as serendipitous surfing, I Stumbled across this today…

I like the artistic approach to this.  “Captivating” is how I would describe it.

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December 08, 2009

Flying Low Level is Tough Enough… Try it in a Glider!

Ok, now this is impressive.

The above video [link here if you can’t see the embed] is quite impressive, for a sailplane to skim the ridgelines of (what is claimed to be Mt Palomar) in this fashion for this duration is exciting.

I wanna play!

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