April 28, 2009

Fein Outrage and the World Will Believe You… Or not

Ya know, once I got sort of caught in the act of hatching a practical joke on my college roommate.  I was not in the room where a couple of buddies of mine I had recruited were dismantling said mark’s bed.  Well the target came back early from class and discovered the two assistants with screwdrivers in hand and bed in slight disarray, well… I mean pieces.

He then headed to where my two partners in crime told my roommate I could be found… the terlet.  He noticed my size twelves under the stall door and began to inquire as to what I was up to…

Him: Uh John?

YHS: Yeah?

Him: What are Stu and Greg doing to my bed?

YHS: Dunno… What are they doing to your bed?

Him:  Taking it apart!

YHS: Why would they be doing that?

Him: That’s what I would like to know!

YHS: Well hell, let’s go find out!

I finished the business at hand, washed said hands and then we two headed to our dorm room, me with complete distain plastered across my face.  Upon entering the room, I explode with a “What the [expletive deleted] are you two doing to Mike’s bed?!!”

Initially, Greg, sitting among the various pieces of the bed, with screwdriver in hand stared at me in disbelief, knowing full well it was I who had concocted this entire scheme.  His silence lasted for only a couple more mili-seconds before both he and Stu decided there was absolutely no way they were going to “Take one for the team!”  and began to tell Mike in full detail how I had painstakingly laid out the plan of ill-will.  It was a good plan, so Mike obviously had no choice but to believe my cohorts, and yeah because it was such a good plan I had to confess.  Ah well, all in fun.

You: Uh John?

YHS: Yeah?

You: You head’n somewhere with this?

YHS: Yep…

The above story I tell here as an example, juvenile as it is, of the same rat I smell relating to the VC-25A (That’s the 747 aka Airforce One) fiasco over NYC yesterday.

image image

CBS 2 News in NYC is now reporting:

FAA Memo: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic

Threatened Federal Sanctions Against NYPD, Secret Service, FBI & Mayor's Office If Secret Ever Got Out
Furious Obama Apologizes: "It Will Never Happen Again"

The article continues (emphasis mine):

A furious President Barack Obama ordered an internal review of Monday's low-flying photo op over the Statue of Liberty.

CBS 2 HD has discovered the feds will have plenty to question.
Federal officials knew that sending two fighter jets and Air Force One to buzz ground zero and Lady Liberty might set off nightmarish fears of a 9/11 replay, but they still ordered the photo-op kept secret from the public.

In a memo obtained by CBS 2 HD the Federal Aviation Administration's James Johnston said the agency was aware of "the possibility of public concern regarding DOD (Department of Defense) aircraft flying at low altitudes" in an around New York City. But they demanded total secrecy from the NYPD, the Secret Service, the FBI and even the mayor's office and threatened federal sanctions if the secret got out.

Which “Federal Officials” and who is “They”?

The flyover -- apparently ordered by the White House Office of Military Affairs so it would have souvenir photos of Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty in the background -- had President Obama seeing red. He ordered a probe and apologized.

Ok, here’s where I call BULLSHIT! 

That plane NEVER goes anywhere without the President knowing.  He was briefed!  Trust me!  The White House Office of Military Affairs had to get at least a “Mother May I” from POTUS.  Who probably said, “Sure, sounds like a great idea, I’d love to have some new photos of MY beautiful jet flying by our monument to Liberty.  It’ll make me look like I give a crap about liberty.  But whatever you do, don’t tell anyone, because if word gets out that I wanted my plane Air Force One to fly around just for a photo op costing taxpayers 100’s of thousands of dollars, I’ll never hear the end of it.”

And now that the poop has hit the turbo-fans, Mr. President is “SEEING RED!”

Uh… yeah. 

Just because you were on the pooper and your Military Affairs Chief had the screwdriver in hand, doesn’t mean you should be assumed clueless… we have plenty of other reasons to assume you’re clueless… but in this case I smell a scapegoat on the way.

By the way… anyone have tapes of ATC that day?  I would like to know the call-sign for that particular VC-25A’s mission.  If it was “SAM 28000” or “SAM 29000” ok fine… but if it was “Air Force One” Obama will have a MUCH bigger problem to try to cover up.  Which in a way would explain a bit more of the secrecy.

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April 20, 2009

A Man Has GOT to Know His Limitations

Take it from a guy who used to be on a USNJROTC Drill team, this ain’t easy… well the first half anyway, as for the second half… well maybe best left to the Air Force.

(HT: Giorgio)

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April 05, 2009

I Know, Let’s Pelt them with Marshmallows!

Or other equally damaging UN ideas.

In response to the rogue nation of North Korea (aka Norks) launching a missile fully capable of striking Alaska or any other nearby nation like Japan or South Korea, the UN is convening an EMERGENCY Session of the security council.  BIG DEAL!

The U.N. Security Council will hold consultations on the launch at 3 p.m. EDT on Sunday. U.N. diplomats said no country was considering imposing new sanctions but a resolution on stricter enforcement of earlier measures could be discussed.

“Stricter enforcement of earlier measures…”  Huh?  So you’re your telling me you numbskulls enacted earlier measures without plans to “Strictly Enforce” them.  What was your plan?  Say “Pretty Please with Kimchi on top?  This is precisely why the UN stands for Useless Numbskulls!  Business as usual.  Only now with our current administration, you are more empowered to sit idly by while we orate ourselves into oblivion.

Lets change the name of the United Nations to a more accurate moniker… how about Action-less Society of Sniveling Hottentots Obviously Lost Evermore… I’ll let you see the acronym.

The only thing worse than the UN’s ineptitude is the institutionalized lack of quality reporting by any press agency anymore.  Both the AP and Reuters reported part of this story stating that The NORKS claimed their rocket achieved its goal of depositing a satellite into orbit.  Yet then go on to claim that US, Japanese, and South Korean sources say it failed to reach orbit. 

Um… Seriously how tough is this to verify?  How about going out on a limb there boys and girls and unequivocally stating… The NORKS are FULL OF SHIT! Any 10 year old with a telescope can verify that nothing new is in orbit along that trajectory!  But no, in the press train’s ever increasing desire to be as vague as Jell-o and as accountable as OJ Simpson, always make is sound like the facts are debatable.  Sometimes they are not, you jackasses.  Did it reach orbit or not?  Just state it!

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March 31, 2009

Yippie Skippy-san

Because of who else I write and edit a blog for I cannot go too far out on this limb.  But let’s just say, yep, I couldn’t agree more!

From Skippy-san AKA “Far East Cynic”:

So, lets say hello to Pat Schroeder (Worthless Whore-CO). A bitter, angry, cold hearted, soulless creature, she nonetheless has amassed a considerable fortune. Her entire life has been devoted to one thing and one thing only. Screwing over men at any and every opportunity. Shakespeare even wrote a play about her-The Taming of the Shrew. She takes pride in that fact that she has screwed over legions of men and has a legislative record to prove it. She, probably more than any other woman in the last 30 years, has done more to set back the progress of both men and women. She was, what the Phibian would call, the first Diversity Bully.

I watched first hand as many o fine very reputable aviator got witch hunted into early retirement, for parts they didn’t play in the Tailhook fiasco of 1991, all because they wore the uniform and didn’t necessarily disagree with the fraternal nature of Naval Aviation.

I’m not to fond of Fonda, but there is one worse, …cough cough… nope can’t print that word and still retain my PG-13 rating…  Pat Schroeder is by far my least favorite person on this planet!

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February 26, 2009

Flag Draped Coffins Now Available For Propaganda

News out today that reverses the Bush Administration’s policy of not allowing filming or photography of the Flag Draped Coffins of KIA military personnel.

From Reuters:

Pentagon to allow pictures of flag-draped coffins

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon will relax its ban on media coverage of returning U.S. war dead by allowing families to decide whether to allow photos and television footage of the flag-draped coffins of their loved ones, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Thursday.

Gates ordered the change after reviewing a 1991 ban that prevents news organizations from recording images of war dead arriving at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, where the Pentagon has its main mortuary.

"If the family of one of the fallen says that they do not want media coverage ... then that will be the decision. There will be no media decision. If they say that's OK with them, then it will be available," Gates told reporters at a Pentagon briefing.

…President Barack Obama asked for a policy review early this month and Gates said that drew a call for change from the U.S. Army, which represents the largest portion of war dead.

"My conclusion was that we should not presume to make the decision for the families," Gates said.

Here’s the problem… what is now the threat of violating the “Family’s” wishes?  Will the “family” now have to sue AP, CNN, or MSNBC  whereas previously there was threat of National enforcement.  And who in the family has the authority?  I’m sure Cindy Sheehan would have reveled in having her son’s flag draped coffin shown across the front page of the New York Times, whereas the father would have said absolutely NOT! 

Here’s a Quote form the Liberal attention Sponge herself back in 2005…

"This war has been so sanitized to the public," said Cindy Sheehan of Vacaville, whose son, Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, was killed in Iraq and who has become an outspoken critic of the war. "There are huge segments of the American public that don't even have to think about the war if they don't want to."

I’m pretty sure AP, Reuters, CNN would have PUBLISHED FIRST and ask for forgiveness later.

The ban was on photographing caskets while the military is transporting them home from combat.  The family always had the authority to allow photography of the coffin in ceremonial circumstance.  Two excellent, respectful, approved by the family examples are these:

image image

The ban was in place to prevent the Press from using the image of mass caskets in a propagandist way only to advance an anti-war agenda, with no concern for the effect on other military personnel or the families who had suffered a loss but do not share the anti-Bush agenda.

As proof I submit that when Liberal P.O.S.’s couldn’t use the images of real soldiers who sacrificed their lives for a cause, they created their own!  With the following statement:

imageI kept looking at our mock procession and thinking about how Bush had the REAL flag draped coffins flown home in the dead of night, prohibiting photographs, etc. It's just infuriating.

Infuriating because insensitive turds like these were prevented use a soldier’s final image as leverage for their propaganda?  What if the killed soldier, would have absolutely disagreed with the use of his coffin for such a vile cause?

This is absolutely perverted!  And disrespectful!  You tell me, why else would the press want to use an image of a fallen soldier?  Not to support the cause, only to illustrate the cost of war.  Well, most of us are WELL aware of the cost of war.  But what is the price of Liberty? Protection? Human Freedom?

Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines volunteer for service, they are aware of the risks and look out for each other in combat and mourn the loss of every brother and sister in arms.  To leverage the death of these in such a way is disgraceful.  We bring those that served and paid the ultimate price home in a ceremonious, traditional, honorable, dignified, and respectful way… covered in the flag of their nation.  This is done to illustrate our thanks as a nation.  It should never be used to spit in the eye of the nation or an administration.

That’s just my opinion…

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February 24, 2009

Lawful Orders

Wow, talk about putting your onions in a waffle iron! 

From WorldNetDaily

Soldier doubts eligibility, defies president's orders
'As an officer, my sworn oath to support and defend our Constitution requires this'

image A U.S. soldier on active duty in Iraq has called President Obama an "impostor" in a statement in which he affirmed plans to join as plaintiff in a challenge to Obama's eligibility to be commander in chief…

…"As an active-duty officer in the United States Army, I have grave concerns about the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of president of the United States," wrote Scott Easterling in a "to-whom-it-may-concern" letter.  [More]

I wish him luck… He’s going to need it.  While Democrats LOVE “Whistle Blowers” they ain’t real thrilled when the ref is calling them for the foul!

Heheh, I’m thinking the Democrats may walk into the briar patch on this one, one argument they may use is that nowhere in the Officer’s Oath does it reference “Obey the Orders of the President”… Seriously… here it is:

I (insert name), having been appointed a (insert rank) in the U.S. Army under the conditions indicated in this document, do accept such appointment and do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, so help me God.

Now, if Scott Easterling were an Enlisted he might have a leg to stand on as the Enlisted Oath reads:

I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

image The interesting part of this is that if this argument is used, that will set precedence that US Military Officers don’t have to give a rat’s ass what the ‘Commander in Chief” has to say?

The argument here is obviously Constitutional, and that of Lawful Authority.  If nothing else it will be entertaining to watch Don Quixote tilt at this windmill!  

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January 20, 2009

Ok… Now I feel old

I was perusing the internet this evening when much to my chagrin I learned a rather disturbing fact. 

You know that Super-Modern, Super-Secretive, Very Cool B-2 Stealth Bomber that everyone still goes nutty about when they have the opportunity to actually see one in flight?… Well get this… in July of this year, that sumbitch turns 20!


That’s right 20 friggn’ years old!  First flight of the “Spirit” was July 17, 1989!  Talk about stealth, I never saw THAT coming!!!


Oh, and here is how I learned of this little nugget, apparently the Tuttles of “American Chopper” fame, went and built a commemorative motorcycle for those creative folks over at Northrop Grumman…


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January 13, 2009

Bring The USS George H. W. Bush to Life!

This past weekend I found myself in Norfolk, VA.  I was there with my wife Ginger, and my Mom and Dad to attend the commissioning of the US Navy's newest aircraft carrier the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77).  And what a spectacle it was...


I have witnessed other ships commissioning's including the USS New Jersey back in 1982, Ronald Reagan himself was there for that one.  I have also attended the decommissioning of the USS Midway (CV-41)... truly an emotional day that. 

But alas I had never seen a Carrier "Brought to Life."  My first clue that I might be able to see the GHW Bush commissioned came many months ago when I received an e-mail from the Pre-Commissioning Unit GHW Bush's PAO (Public Affairs Officer) asking if I could provide my father's address to send him an invite to the event... "Hey? What about me?"... "We'll be in touch."

Ok... So a few months later Dad does indeed receive his invite along with the opportunity to invite his family.  Dad asks if I and Ginger can make it.  "Uh... lemme think about it..."

The much anticipated weekend arrives, Ginger and I fly out on Friday from Denver to meet up in Norfolk with Mom and Dad who are driving up from Jax.  All goes smoothly.  Until Saturday morning, the day of the commissioning when I learn from Dad that Mom has been nauseated all night and she will not be able to attend the commissioning.  Damn!  Dad initially was going to beg off too and stay with mom.  But the Navy Wife from Georgia Farm Country wouldn't stand for it!  It's a good thing she doesn't cuss, because if she could, Navy Chiefs would be offended!... Dad decided it would be in all of our best interests if he did indeed attend the event with Ginger and me.  Smart man that Hoagy!


The initial weather forecast for the Commissioning Day was not a favorable one... cloudy skies with a good chance of showers had been predicted for most of the week... however once the day actually arrived we were greeted by "Severe Clear" blown in on a brisk January breeze.


We arrived at Naval Station Norfolk early, as directed on our invites, so we could access Pier 14 though the requisite security in plenty of time to take our seats (we're talking 2 and a half hours before the mark time).

Seaman Jones Once on the pier we began our long walk to the far end to where the "White Tickets" seating was... after moving slowly along with the rest of the herd, Dad made a decision...  I won't elaborate, but let's just say we ended up in much more favorable seats than assigned.  Seaman Jones knew it probably best not to argue, Smart man that Seaman Jones! ;-)


We ended up seated among the members of the USS San Jacinto (CVL-30)Reunion Association.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the importance of the "San Jac..." She was the light carrier then Ensign George H. W. Bush flew from in his TBM "Avenger" Torpedo Bomber.  Ens. Bush (the Navy's youngest Naval Aviator) was forced to bail out of his shot up Avenger after a bombing mission against Japanese radio towers on Chichi Jima. He was rescued by the US Submarine USS Finback.  He later returned to fly and fight from the decks of the San Jacicinto.

USSGHWBush san jac

From the Daily Press

During his remarks at Saturday's commissioning, Bush reminisced fondly about the ship he called "the San Jac." He wished more of his fellow crew members were on hand, he said, but many in the 1,500-member crew have died.

"I feel like Phyllis Diller when she said, "All my friends are dying — in alphabetical order," Bush quipped. "But I'm happy to be here."

USSGHWBush Dad and the Chief2   USSGHWBush the chief

Fortunately those fine veterans from the San Jacinto are as pleasant as most all veterans from the "Greatest Generation" I have ever met.  They welcomed we three interlopers into their party with open arms and many o' tale for we the willing listener.

USSGHWBush marine one2Presidents' Bush and Bush began the festivities by flying aboard the carrier on "Marine One", with the other "Official" party members having already landed shortly before in the VIP CH-53E. This was indeed a who's who event with the following being a mere sampling of the VIPs in attendance:

  • President and Mrs. George W. Bush
  • Former President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush
  • Vice President and Mrs. Dick Cheney
  • Governor of the Virginia Commonwealth, Timothy Kaine
  • Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
  • Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
  • Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen
  • Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Gary Roughead

And many more with lots of scrambled eggs on the bills of their covers...

The ceremony began in known and proper formal Navy Tradition, after the announcements of the official party by the USS GHW Bush's Executive Officer, Captain Robert Roth, honors were rendered to President George W. Bush.

GeorgeBushandCaptOflahertyIn the Navy... Honors means GUN SALUTE!  And for POTUS that equals 21 very poignant 3 inch cannon rapports!  Very cool!  Nothing like the feeling in your chest as you count... "WHABOOM!... one,  WHABOOM... two, WHABOOM..." you get the picture.

The colors were paraded, the National Anthem sung by the Naval Academy Choir, and the Invocation asked.  One by one of the Platform guests had their turn at the podium for their prepared remarks, then came time for business.

First the President of the United States and the Secretary of the Navy issue the order to "Place the USS George H.W. Bush into Commission"  this transfers the ship officially into the US Navy's register and the ship is officially now recognized as "USS" for the first time.

take command

Following the commissioning statement, Captain Kevin O'Flaherty formally assumes command of the ship, by stating to the CNO, "Admiral, the USS George H.W. Bush is in commission and I assume command." 

first watch

The first official order for the ship is to "Set the first Watch" at this time former President and ship's namesake, George H.W. Bush issued the order to Lt. Commander George Brickhouse, the first Officer of the Deck, to "Set the first watch!" at the same time issuing the traditional ships spyglass to the OOD.  From this point until the ship's decommissioning a watch will always be set on the ship.


This is moment that is by far the most dramatic in the process of commissioning a United States Warship.  Crew of the ship have been in formation on the pier, awaiting the order to man the ship.  This order is traditionally issued by the Ships Sponsor.  The Sponsor for the USS GHW Bush was George H. W. Bush's daughter Dorothy Bush Koch.  After she took the podium offering her remarks, she concluded with.

"... And now, Officers and Crew of the USS George H.W. Bush man our ship and bring her to life!"

And with a vaulted "AYE AYE Ma'am!" the crew of the USS GHW Bush responded to the long awaited order and did just that, brought the US Navy's newest aircraft carrier to life.


The dockside crew then begins to run... not march... onboard the newly designated United States Warship manning their stations and manning the rails USSGHWBush bring to lifefor all to see the pride they have in serving on the USS George H.W. Bush.  As  more and more of the crew board the vessel, systems begin to "Come to Life."  Radar dishes begin to turn, running lights are illuminated, alarms are sounded, defensive weapons systems are spun up twisting in a mechanical dance smooth yet menacing none the less.  An F/A-18F is taxied by the deck crew on the flight deck immediately above the presenters on Elevator 2, again the cannon is fired and finally the ships whistle is blown in a long monotone deep howl! 

USSGHWBush_233 USSGHWBush on the rail

The cacophony of sights in sound must be seen, felt and heard to be believed.  An awesome spectacle of precision, tradition, discipline and pride!  One like me is simply humbled by the experience.  Our nation can take pride knowing the men and women now serving on the USS George H.W. Bush will be there for us.


Thank you Officers and Crew of USS George H.W. Bush... Bravo Zulu!

More of my photos from the commissioning are now posted here [Link]

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November 18, 2008

Hoagy Carmichael Turns 75 Today!

Today is my Dad's Birthday! And,I am really bummed I cannot be in Jax for his 75th Birthday, however, I know he is surrounded by his friends Hoagysheros from the neighborhood and the church this evening having a good time. 

I wanted to give Dad something nice for his birthday so I sent him my first copy of "We Own The Airfield and the Airspace" as both a gift and a thank you for all the inspiration he has given my in my love for Naval Aviation... Signed of course with a nice long note.

imageI think it odd when I realize Hoagy is 75 today and Naval Aviation is only now approaching 100 years in 2011.  Which means NAVAIR was a whopping 22 years old when the Naval Aviator I respect the most showed up on the scene, to earn his wings some 21 years later.

But I also wanted to give Dad something fun... I came up with this... I hope he likes it.  (or at least my readers do...)

Happy Birthday Dad! I Love Ya!!!!!

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October 04, 2008

Grand Junction Airshow 2008... A photo essay...


Last weekend I had the great pleasure of attending the Grand Junction Airshow.  This one is always  a fun one for me as not only do we go to a great airshow, but we also attend one of the coolest Tailhook Parties of the year, Hans and Kathy Schmoldt's Cattle Barons BBQ! More on that in a later post.

This year had some added perks, as editor of the Tailhook Daily Briefing (The Tailhook Association's Blog) I was afforded a few extra opportunities this year.

Thanks to Darlyne Merkel, the official airshow photographer and Julie Schafer the marketing coordinator of the show, I had the opportunity to Interview and photograph the Blue Angels, and was granted access to the entire practice day at the field.  I cannot thank these two wonderful ladies enough! 

And none of this would have happened without the help of Kathy Schmoldt who reached out to Darlyne to assist me in attaining access to the show.  Thank you Kathy you are always there for we Tailhookers! 

So, below are some of my favorites from this year's show, I have more on my smugmug account and I'll be posting an article about my interview with the Pilot of "Fat Albert," Marine Captain Brendan "Cletus" Burks over on The Tailhook Daily Briefing.


DSC_0007b DSC_0038b


DSC_0079b DSC_0092c


DSC_0208c  DSC_0129 DSC_0052 DSC_0110 DSC_0322bDSC_0436

DSC_0289c  DSC_0306bDSC_0281b  DSC_0026 DSC_0141bDSC_0229b DSC_0105b  DSC_0222b DSC_0067b DSC_0107b Fat landing IMG_6859  DSC_0003b DSC_0296b DSC_0113b DSC_0210 Bert Low 2 DSC_0184b

DSC_0057 DSC_0144DSC_0162b  DSC_0206DSC_0063

DSC_0304   DSC_0369



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