December 20, 2012

The Ebbing Tide of Journalistic Integrity

A good friend of mine, intelligent and well reasoned, has also had it with today’s media, especially regarding the topic so hot in our national dialog right now, Gun Control.  I am posting his well written editorial (of sorts) below in its entirety.  It is good reading, and he brings up some very valid and cogent points in the discussion.

Reasoned dialog will absolutely be accepted in the comments on this post… If it degenerates into name calling I will delete the trolls responsible.  This is an Adult forum!  I expect it to remain such!

Without further adieu, I give you “Joe’s” editorial:


19 December, 2012

To the Media At Large:

Fair and Balanced?

Not exactly.

In the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Media is engendering a national trend to allow emotion to overwhelm journalistic integrity. Over the last several days many “fair and balanced” journalistic outlets such as NPR have been producing news articles that are factually inaccurate and factually incomplete. One of the tenants of true journalistic integrity is to fully research all sides of a story before releasing it. This lapse has resulted in an overwhelming bias in the reporting on the gun control debate and is clearly putting our national media into a position of no longer being a true journalistic source, but instead as a lobby for the position of gun control.

Item one: the reporting immediately following the incident was poorly sourced. Every major news outlet misreported the shooter’s name and relationship to the school. They jumped right in, following the other news outlets with lemming-like precision to produce piece after piece containing factually incorrect information. Fortunately, no one was seriously harmed by this. However, one wonders what could have happened if an innocent individual was singled out as the perpetrator before law enforcement could intervene. This, at the very least, is shameful.

Item two: No one seems to be able to find or interview a credible advocate for gun rights or assault rifle owners. The recent interview with Malcolm Brady (Dec. 17) on NPR’s “All Things Considered”, a misnomer at best, was a farce. Although Mr. Brady is something of an expert on firearms policy, it is doubtful that coming from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms that he is an objective spokesperson for the millions of private citizen gun owners in the United States, especially when it comes to assault rifles. Simply put, the reason for owning an assault rifle is for personal protection. A cursory study of human history will show that governments fail again and again to protect their citizens from disaster and internal political turmoil. The argument is often heard from those who have not considered the factual details of personal protection of life, liberty and property that there is no need for a private citizen to own a firearm for personal defense. They say there are police or the National Guard to defend us. Studying the days immediately after Katrina will show anyone that even in good times, the protection afforded by the government will break down. When the police and their families become victims of disaster, they abandon their posts just as quickly as the folks who operate shopping malls. Being prepared means that you are ready for the scenario that is improbable, and strictly mathematically speaking, which may be above most journalists, improbable means that it will definitely happen at some point. There is no region in our nation that cannot become lawless due to either man-made or natural catastrophes. Denying this or acting as if this is so unlikely as to not be considered is folly, farce, and ignorant of the simplest lessons taught by history. One of the other lessons taught by history is that societies that become reliant on the protection provided by their governments become the victims of those governments. Even a cursory examination of the events in Syria will show that an unarmed populace is ripe for victimization, and the weapon that is providing the most effective defense for that population is the assault rifle. This point wasn’t covered by Mr. Brady, the one-time soldier and apparent “expert” provided by NPR to explain the case for assault rifles. The bottom line is that in a ground based, person on person encounter, the assault rifle is the status-quo for tactical defensive engagements. Mr. Brady’s experience in the military must have skipped this basic point. In most American communities, the good guys outnumber the bad guys one hundred to one, but one bad guy with an assault rifle can easily overwhelm one hundred good guys armed with rhetoric, faith in their government and good intentions. The continuing experiment that is America relies on the ability and right of the people to provide the majority of services to themselves. Outside of providing protection beyond our borders which has been delegated, and rightly so to the military, the government should not be in a position to disarm the American populace. This is the essence of the second amendment to the constitution. This is the essence of being an American, and is why the right to own firearms that guarantee that we will be able to, in times of disaster or injustice, to protect ourselves, our families, our property and our communities must be maintained. As a free citizen of America, it is more than our right to be able to defend ourselves, it is our responsibility. The media needs to do a much better job of identifying spokespersons. In the case of Mr. Brady, it would be obvious to anyone on the side of firearm advocacy that he would not be an appropriate representative.

Item three: the incidence of mass shooting is not increasing. Again with the bad math. Reporter after reporter has made the statement or insinuated that the incidence of mass shootings is increasing. In fact, we have been experiencing a lull. This occurs in statistics and is seen in many bodies of data where events occur sporadically. There are groupings of events and they occur at an average or standard rate. Since we are currently experiencing a grouping, this would appear over the last 2-3 years to be an increase in the overall rate of these incidences. Considered over a period of time going back say 30 years, it is likely from a mathematical standpoint that the rate of these incidences is not going up. The emotion involved makes us say that this seems to be an increase, but this is where that journalistic integrity thing comes in. Do a better job. Take a statistics class.

Item four: hunting is not the only credible reason for owning a firearm. A recently broadcast editorial by Frank Deford was consistent with the apparent overall stance by journalists that the only reasonable case that anyone would own a firearm is to hunt with it. Target shooting with what are sensationally referred to as “high power rifles” is one example of another use. (There is no standard for this, by the way. Any rifle could be considered to be “high power”, or low power depending on how it is compared.) Also, many firearm sporting enthusiasts shoot at targets using semi-automatic firearms. These are never intended to be used for hunting or self-defense. Many organizations offer college scholarships for students who are marksmen, and the firearms they operate are clearly designed and intended to be used for target shooting of one type or another. Mr. Deford’s columns are opinion pieces for sure, but as NPR’s resident sporting expert, he could have done a little more research.

News reporting requires more than just reporting on what is easy to find, it requires burrowing down to find all sides of a story. Preventing emotion from interfering with this process is one reason why I have been, even as a staunchly conservative individual, a supporter of NPR’s program. This year, based on this apparent lapse of journalistic integrity, I will be contributing the money I normally give to NPR elsewhere, most likely to the NRA. We have now become an embattled organization, not mainly due to the recent tragedy, but more due to the continuing loss of journalistic integrity by news organizations that used to provide facts and unbiased reporting while taking into account all perspectives that utilized view points from actual subject matter experts. Reporting on the emotion behind this tragedy is certainly news worthy, using it to grind an axe is not.

Very Truly Yours,


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December 16, 2012

We’re from the Government, and we’re here to help!

Action is afoot in the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government that is dangerous in its nature…

Several Democratic lawmakers called for a new push for U.S. gun restrictions on Sunday, including a ban on military-style assault weapons, in the wake of the Connecticut massacre in which 20 children and six adults were gunned down in a school.

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, the author of an assault-weapons ban that lapsed in 2004, said she would introduce new legislation this week. Senator Dick Durbin, the chamber's No. 2 Democrat, said lawmakers would hold hearings on gun control, and several others said they would devote new attention to the long-ignored issue.

"I think we could be at a tipping point ... where we might get something done," Senator Charles Schumer, another top Senate Democrat…

Never let a Crisis go to waste huh?

[Senator Diane] Feinstein said her planned legislation would outlaw the high-capacity magazines and military-style assault rifles that have factored in many recent mass shootings, including Friday's massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. People who own such weapons now would not be required to give them up, Feinstein said.

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes...

No... I am not going to sit idly by on this one.  I simply would like to voice a request for restraint and caution in turning an extremely vile event into a catalysis for whatever agenda you find association with. 

For you who want desperately for the 100% disarming of Americans... I have little use for you and even less to say to you (it is not like you would listen anyway) you will always live in that desire with the hopelessly smug attitude that you are always right when tragic events include the unlawful, and disturbed use of a firearm.  Yet amazingly absent in your philosophical disposition is any instance where a life was traded for the better good.  (Meaning a perpetrator of evil and ill-will was summarily dispatched (by a person wielding a firearm) before more chaos could ensue)  You seldom acknowledge that Good or Bad lies in the intent of the person wielding the weapon, not in the weapon itself.

Using incidents like Newton killings for politically self riotous agenda building is easily the most repugnant act of opportunistic political ambulance chasers ever perpetrated!

Where should we be focused?  How about repealing the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution?  Because, this so called "Free Press" we have? Is obviously a threat to our lives, as free thinking, free associating, used to be intelligent beings! I am sick of being "sensationalized" to death!  Our media relentlessly bombards us with sanctimonious platitudes, not to better educate us of the facts of a matter, but rather in a continuous attempt to indoctrinate us on HOW we should think or "Feel" about a subject".  Everything is Right or Left now... No longer is anything Right or Wrong.  So what's the next logical step?  Well obviously these fools can't be trusted with as pervasive a Right as free speech!  Nor can we, for we are offending too many people!  

Seriously, sounds like I've gone like a loon into the abyss?  Really...? Is it because I brought up the untouchable third rail of Freedom of Speech? and that ONE Amendment is oh so much more protected than any of the others of the US Constitution?

Exactly my point... no one of any intellect would dare suggest that the First Amendment in the United States Bill of Rights should be repealed.  No matter how offensive speech is, it is to be protected!  Question for you, why would "inoffensive speech" ever need such protection?

But yet the Second Amendment, the Right (THAT'S a "RIGHT" not a conditional permission!) of the People of the United States to bear arms, is allowed to be ignored or dismissed, or manupulated simply because in the Neon Bulb of sensationalistic opportunism declares it offensive?

That is a slippery slope folks, please be careful where we tread!  These Rights are there for a reason, and must be protected.

Am I a gun nut?  No, I don't think so... I am however a concerned American, and I am... A Constitution Nut!  Anytime the Government proposes to do something for our greater good we need to be weary... Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes... Still holds true today, but fortunately we are all educated by the Media and would have no earthly clue what that means... now would we?

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January 23, 2012

Why Newt Won South Carolina

Two days before the South Carolina Primary, one of the big media outlets scores what it thinks is a coup sure to devastate the campaign of one Newt Gingrich!

“Let’s Air Newt’s Dirty Laundry relating to his previous marriage!”…  “Yeah! That’ll show him to be the despicable dirtbag we all want him to be!”

Well… the voting populace in South Carolina is… well… Southern!  And one thing that Southerners know how to do is… Not Air Their Dirty Laundry in Public!  Southerners know damn good and well that taboos are regularly crossed behind closed doors (and by the way all good southerners also know that if you are going to cross a taboo line that it is best done “Behind Closed Doors”!) Liberal Yankees are of the opposite extreme, they are of the opinion that the concepts of Taboos are archaic and therefore all behaviors, no matter how distasteful, no matter how immoral (by any favorite standard), no matter how harmful, should be not just tolerated but accepted if not celebrated!

Southerner’s hate when Yankees try to rub their noses in anything!  So when a perceived Liberal Media Outlet, decides it is going to “Out” a Southern Republican for “Immoral” behavior… the Southern Voting base isn’t repulsed, as ABC executives thought they would be… The voting populace becomes Defensive!

We’ve all had experiences where a good friend, or relative experiences a divorce.  Divorces by nature are not pretty!  The two parties involved do not get along any more!  What at first, many years prior, looked like the land of Beer and Skittles, later turned into the land of sweatpants and curlers with an attitude!  Now many couples try to stay together for the sake of whatever… be it the kids, public reputation, you name it.  Divorces are public acknowledgement of failure!  And many, in a fit of misguided pride try to make internal adjustments to the private relationship while still having outward appearances remain intact. It is especially true in the south. Southerner’s are all about appearances.  “Never let them see you sweat” is definitely a Southern Term! 

Eventually, it all collapses and indeed the divorce becomes public.  It’s tough!  But you know something, shit happens!  Ok… that’s that!  And that is how Southerners see it.  What happened behind closed doors that caused the rift, or what behavior agreements were aired in an effort to keep public appearances, are none of my damn business!  But it doesn’t mean we won’t gossip about it!  Remember, you’ll never hear one of us repeating gossip!… so you better be sure and listen close the first time!

We’ve all heard the rumors of Newt’s breakups, and through the rumor mill how terrible he treated his former wives (a claim that eventually was repudiated by the very wife he was supposed to be such a jerk to!  A repudiation supported by his and her daughters as well).

And once we Southerners realized again that the stories weren’t necessarily true… we then took the rest of the blather with a grain of salt.

Newt may well have tried to broker an agreement with his wife where he could sleep with another while still maintaining outward appearances of a stable marriage. Happens all the time!  The pompous Yankee asses at ABC made the mistake of assuming that Southerners are too naïve to even think this could happen.  So, ABC News, high in their Ivory tower, thinks that they will be exposing Newt for what he really is, and in so doing illustrating the hypocrisy of these pesky Republicans in all of their Moral Stances.   Heh!  Jokes on them!

In the south we know there are disturbances in the moral force that binds us. What we do not tolerate is spitefulness!  Back-stabbing is unbecoming, and southern empathy will immediately be directed toward the perceived victim!  That who is being back stabbed in public!  You just don’t' do that.  So when Newt’s Ex went on National Television to air her laundry, she violated the Southern Code!  And therefor became immediately petty and irrelevant!  Southerners saw a fellow southerner now under attack by those damn Yankees, supported by fodder from a jilted turncoat former wife (who, after this display… Southerners thought, “No wonder Newt wanted to sleep with someone else!”)  So what does the south do?  Protect their own!  And damned if they will vote for that Republican from that Yankee Bastion Massachusetts!

And when CNN, not realizing all they were doing is throwing Newt into the Briar Patch, carried ABC’s water and asked about the Succubus's claim… Newt, a true Southerner, knew he had the advantage and attacked the Liberal Media for stooping so low as to bring this type of issue up at something so dignified as a PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE!  Remember CNN, ABC, CBS, NYT… Southerners don’t give a shit if you wear boxers or briefs either… as long as they’re clean!

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January 05, 2010

Throw the Bums Out!

Look, I understand that lying and politics have always gone together!  Saying a politician lied is like saying a baby spit-up!

But this is getting ridiculous, the 4th estate obviously is in foreclosure as few media outlets are holding our government accountable. The controlling Democrats in Congress, led by Nancy Pelosi are planning on conducting the final negotiations of the Health Care Overhaul Scam Bill behind closed doors to insure the loyal opposition (y’know those pesky Republicans that represent the “Other” half of AMERICA!!!!) do not have a voice.

Despite their claims to the contrary, the way that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have handled the healthcare bill has been anything but transparent. And, if the left-wing blogosphere is to be believed, the two congressional leaders intend to keep the deliberations secret as they try to merge the House and Senate versions of the legislation into something that will pass both chambers.

I looked up the word IRONY and found this…

This is blatant… they lie, then lie about lying.  All they have to do is deny something and the predominantly ignorant, lap dog press, eats it up like ice cream dipped in chocolate!

PLEASE!  For the sake of our Republic, demand more of YOUR government!  All behavior like this is going to do is create more behavior like this.  We as Americans have become disenfranchised by these arrogant twits, these politicians care for us like an alligator cares for the opinion of the mother bird of the chick it devours in one gulp.

Democrats should demand better from their own party, this type of roughshod behavior will not sit well with the majority of Americans, some will actually vote for the opposition party in another, possibly misguided… Hope for Change!  Then I pray that when the Republicans dissolve the super majorities in the upcoming elections, that decorum finds its way into the Legislative and Executive branches of our government.  (Pardon me while I hold my breath).

Seriously, if these roles were reversed, and a Republican had uttered these words then started to pull the shenanigans the Dems are currently undertaking, all hell would be breaking loose on CNN, MSNBC, the NYT and the LA Times. Where is their outcry for proper process? What a bunch of charlatans.   Where is the outrage at the behavior of this out of control congress?  And by proxy, administration.

Throw the bums out!!! And yes, I’d be in favor of throwing them ALL out and starting over!  There needs to be an end to career politicians!

Some things I’d like to see changed:

  1. No amendments unrelated to the bill allowed… ever!  If an amendment cannot stand on its own merit, it has no business being the mandate of the federal government.
  2. Term limits across the board!  (2 terms for President, 2 terms for Senate, 4 terms for the House of Congress.)

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April 28, 2009

Fein Outrage and the World Will Believe You… Or not

Ya know, once I got sort of caught in the act of hatching a practical joke on my college roommate.  I was not in the room where a couple of buddies of mine I had recruited were dismantling said mark’s bed.  Well the target came back early from class and discovered the two assistants with screwdrivers in hand and bed in slight disarray, well… I mean pieces.

He then headed to where my two partners in crime told my roommate I could be found… the terlet.  He noticed my size twelves under the stall door and began to inquire as to what I was up to…

Him: Uh John?

YHS: Yeah?

Him: What are Stu and Greg doing to my bed?

YHS: Dunno… What are they doing to your bed?

Him:  Taking it apart!

YHS: Why would they be doing that?

Him: That’s what I would like to know!

YHS: Well hell, let’s go find out!

I finished the business at hand, washed said hands and then we two headed to our dorm room, me with complete distain plastered across my face.  Upon entering the room, I explode with a “What the [expletive deleted] are you two doing to Mike’s bed?!!”

Initially, Greg, sitting among the various pieces of the bed, with screwdriver in hand stared at me in disbelief, knowing full well it was I who had concocted this entire scheme.  His silence lasted for only a couple more mili-seconds before both he and Stu decided there was absolutely no way they were going to “Take one for the team!”  and began to tell Mike in full detail how I had painstakingly laid out the plan of ill-will.  It was a good plan, so Mike obviously had no choice but to believe my cohorts, and yeah because it was such a good plan I had to confess.  Ah well, all in fun.

You: Uh John?

YHS: Yeah?

You: You head’n somewhere with this?

YHS: Yep…

The above story I tell here as an example, juvenile as it is, of the same rat I smell relating to the VC-25A (That’s the 747 aka Airforce One) fiasco over NYC yesterday.

image image

CBS 2 News in NYC is now reporting:

FAA Memo: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic

Threatened Federal Sanctions Against NYPD, Secret Service, FBI & Mayor's Office If Secret Ever Got Out
Furious Obama Apologizes: "It Will Never Happen Again"

The article continues (emphasis mine):

A furious President Barack Obama ordered an internal review of Monday's low-flying photo op over the Statue of Liberty.

CBS 2 HD has discovered the feds will have plenty to question.
Federal officials knew that sending two fighter jets and Air Force One to buzz ground zero and Lady Liberty might set off nightmarish fears of a 9/11 replay, but they still ordered the photo-op kept secret from the public.

In a memo obtained by CBS 2 HD the Federal Aviation Administration's James Johnston said the agency was aware of "the possibility of public concern regarding DOD (Department of Defense) aircraft flying at low altitudes" in an around New York City. But they demanded total secrecy from the NYPD, the Secret Service, the FBI and even the mayor's office and threatened federal sanctions if the secret got out.

Which “Federal Officials” and who is “They”?

The flyover -- apparently ordered by the White House Office of Military Affairs so it would have souvenir photos of Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty in the background -- had President Obama seeing red. He ordered a probe and apologized.

Ok, here’s where I call BULLSHIT! 

That plane NEVER goes anywhere without the President knowing.  He was briefed!  Trust me!  The White House Office of Military Affairs had to get at least a “Mother May I” from POTUS.  Who probably said, “Sure, sounds like a great idea, I’d love to have some new photos of MY beautiful jet flying by our monument to Liberty.  It’ll make me look like I give a crap about liberty.  But whatever you do, don’t tell anyone, because if word gets out that I wanted my plane Air Force One to fly around just for a photo op costing taxpayers 100’s of thousands of dollars, I’ll never hear the end of it.”

And now that the poop has hit the turbo-fans, Mr. President is “SEEING RED!”

Uh… yeah. 

Just because you were on the pooper and your Military Affairs Chief had the screwdriver in hand, doesn’t mean you should be assumed clueless… we have plenty of other reasons to assume you’re clueless… but in this case I smell a scapegoat on the way.

By the way… anyone have tapes of ATC that day?  I would like to know the call-sign for that particular VC-25A’s mission.  If it was “SAM 28000” or “SAM 29000” ok fine… but if it was “Air Force One” Obama will have a MUCH bigger problem to try to cover up.  Which in a way would explain a bit more of the secrecy.

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April 08, 2009

Tom Walker Now Writing an Official Sports Car Column

image My buddy Tom Walker, oft somewhat agreeable antagonist to many of my postings here, is now writing his own “for pay” column over at  He is the designated “Denver Sports Car Driving Examiner.”  However, knowing Tom, I am sure his articles will apply to you even if you live in Vienna Georgia, or Manhattan Beach California.

Tom is a pretty knowledgeable car dude, and I’m sure will bring a thoughtful, informative take on the sports car genre. I am looking forward to reading his takes on Sports Cars, especially since I am a proud, recent inductee to the Sports Car Owners club

Pay Tom a visit, the more the merrier, especially since I think part of his compensation comes from unique hits.  My advice was to include bikini clad models in his reviews, but alas he is not usually one to resort to tricks like that to drive internet traffic.  Although I’m sure we’ll be seeing some topless… cars on his pages periodically.

Also he is of British heritage, so you may have to pardon an occasional reference to the “Boot” or “Bonnet” ;-)

His first two articles are already up:

I’m going to add his column over in the left pane of Carmichael’s Position so take a look over there for his latest postings, and visit a few of my other friends’ articles too, all entertaining.

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April 06, 2009

Please tell me this is a Misprint

Wow I really hope this is not how the US plans to respond when our Allies need our help. If this is not a misprint I would seriously recommend we reprioritize our compassion.  Sure we’re willing to bail out AIG, Fanny and Freddy for Billions but $50,000 to a Nation who just suffered through a 6.3 magnitude Earthquake? 

What? No Pork to be found?


US gives $50,000 for quake-hit Italy

The United States said Monday it would donate 50,000 dollars in emergency aid to Italy after a powerful earthquake killed at least 100 people.

"We send our heartfelt condolences to the families of those killed in the earthquake. Our embassy in Rome will provide 50,000 (dollars) in emergency relief funding," State Department spokesman Robert Wood told reporters.

Italian authorities told the United States they did not need rescue teams, Wood said.

President Barack Obama earlier offered his condolences on a visit to Turkey and voiced hope that the United States could send rescuers.

The earthquake killed at least 100 people and injured 1,500 more as it reduced medieval buildings to rubble in the central town of L'Aquila.

Wood said there were no reports of US citizens among the dead or injured but that the US embassy in Rome was reaching out to Americans living in the region.

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April 05, 2009

I Know, Let’s Pelt them with Marshmallows!

Or other equally damaging UN ideas.

In response to the rogue nation of North Korea (aka Norks) launching a missile fully capable of striking Alaska or any other nearby nation like Japan or South Korea, the UN is convening an EMERGENCY Session of the security council.  BIG DEAL!

The U.N. Security Council will hold consultations on the launch at 3 p.m. EDT on Sunday. U.N. diplomats said no country was considering imposing new sanctions but a resolution on stricter enforcement of earlier measures could be discussed.

“Stricter enforcement of earlier measures…”  Huh?  So you’re your telling me you numbskulls enacted earlier measures without plans to “Strictly Enforce” them.  What was your plan?  Say “Pretty Please with Kimchi on top?  This is precisely why the UN stands for Useless Numbskulls!  Business as usual.  Only now with our current administration, you are more empowered to sit idly by while we orate ourselves into oblivion.

Lets change the name of the United Nations to a more accurate moniker… how about Action-less Society of Sniveling Hottentots Obviously Lost Evermore… I’ll let you see the acronym.

The only thing worse than the UN’s ineptitude is the institutionalized lack of quality reporting by any press agency anymore.  Both the AP and Reuters reported part of this story stating that The NORKS claimed their rocket achieved its goal of depositing a satellite into orbit.  Yet then go on to claim that US, Japanese, and South Korean sources say it failed to reach orbit. 

Um… Seriously how tough is this to verify?  How about going out on a limb there boys and girls and unequivocally stating… The NORKS are FULL OF SHIT! Any 10 year old with a telescope can verify that nothing new is in orbit along that trajectory!  But no, in the press train’s ever increasing desire to be as vague as Jell-o and as accountable as OJ Simpson, always make is sound like the facts are debatable.  Sometimes they are not, you jackasses.  Did it reach orbit or not?  Just state it!

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February 26, 2009

Flag Draped Coffins Now Available For Propaganda

News out today that reverses the Bush Administration’s policy of not allowing filming or photography of the Flag Draped Coffins of KIA military personnel.

From Reuters:

Pentagon to allow pictures of flag-draped coffins

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon will relax its ban on media coverage of returning U.S. war dead by allowing families to decide whether to allow photos and television footage of the flag-draped coffins of their loved ones, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Thursday.

Gates ordered the change after reviewing a 1991 ban that prevents news organizations from recording images of war dead arriving at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, where the Pentagon has its main mortuary.

"If the family of one of the fallen says that they do not want media coverage ... then that will be the decision. There will be no media decision. If they say that's OK with them, then it will be available," Gates told reporters at a Pentagon briefing.

…President Barack Obama asked for a policy review early this month and Gates said that drew a call for change from the U.S. Army, which represents the largest portion of war dead.

"My conclusion was that we should not presume to make the decision for the families," Gates said.

Here’s the problem… what is now the threat of violating the “Family’s” wishes?  Will the “family” now have to sue AP, CNN, or MSNBC  whereas previously there was threat of National enforcement.  And who in the family has the authority?  I’m sure Cindy Sheehan would have reveled in having her son’s flag draped coffin shown across the front page of the New York Times, whereas the father would have said absolutely NOT! 

Here’s a Quote form the Liberal attention Sponge herself back in 2005…

"This war has been so sanitized to the public," said Cindy Sheehan of Vacaville, whose son, Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, was killed in Iraq and who has become an outspoken critic of the war. "There are huge segments of the American public that don't even have to think about the war if they don't want to."

I’m pretty sure AP, Reuters, CNN would have PUBLISHED FIRST and ask for forgiveness later.

The ban was on photographing caskets while the military is transporting them home from combat.  The family always had the authority to allow photography of the coffin in ceremonial circumstance.  Two excellent, respectful, approved by the family examples are these:

image image

The ban was in place to prevent the Press from using the image of mass caskets in a propagandist way only to advance an anti-war agenda, with no concern for the effect on other military personnel or the families who had suffered a loss but do not share the anti-Bush agenda.

As proof I submit that when Liberal P.O.S.’s couldn’t use the images of real soldiers who sacrificed their lives for a cause, they created their own!  With the following statement:

imageI kept looking at our mock procession and thinking about how Bush had the REAL flag draped coffins flown home in the dead of night, prohibiting photographs, etc. It's just infuriating.

Infuriating because insensitive turds like these were prevented use a soldier’s final image as leverage for their propaganda?  What if the killed soldier, would have absolutely disagreed with the use of his coffin for such a vile cause?

This is absolutely perverted!  And disrespectful!  You tell me, why else would the press want to use an image of a fallen soldier?  Not to support the cause, only to illustrate the cost of war.  Well, most of us are WELL aware of the cost of war.  But what is the price of Liberty? Protection? Human Freedom?

Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines volunteer for service, they are aware of the risks and look out for each other in combat and mourn the loss of every brother and sister in arms.  To leverage the death of these in such a way is disgraceful.  We bring those that served and paid the ultimate price home in a ceremonious, traditional, honorable, dignified, and respectful way… covered in the flag of their nation.  This is done to illustrate our thanks as a nation.  It should never be used to spit in the eye of the nation or an administration.

That’s just my opinion…

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February 12, 2009

Guns Kill People and my Pen Writes Bad Checks

OH MY GOD!!!!  There are 3 TOY GUNS in the back of a locked SUV in the school parking lot!!!  OH THE HUMANITY!!!

We need to find out who’s vehicle this is and expel them before something… uh… um… uh… I mean before a liberal wets his pants and is embarrassed!  Too Late!

This is the summation of what happened to a 3.5 AP student headed to the Merchant Marine Academy here in Aurora Colorado.  [From 7News Denver]

'Young Marine' Faces Expulsion For Replica Rifles…

For Marie Morrow, the equipment left in the back seat of her car was for an upcoming competition. She said she never expected it would lead to her being suspended from school -- or possibly expelled.

Morrow, who says she has a 3.5 grade point average, is a member of the Douglas County Young Marines. She said she spins the practice rifles for the organization’s drill team.

Staff members at Cherokee Trail High School were alerted by concerned students who thought they might be real, said a Cherry Creek Schools spokeswoman.

"They went inside. They were anxious. They were frightened," school district spokeswoman Tustin Amole said.

The mock rifles are made of wood, with duct tape, to resemble a real rifle.

Amole explained the school district’s policy mirrors state and federal laws about weapons in schools, and calls for "mandatory expulsion" when possessing a dangerous weapon in any school building.

A student conduct handbook states a dangerous weapon includes "a firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, or a firearm facsimile that could reasonably be mistaken for an actual firearm."

DAMN IT!  Stop!  You bunch of ninnies!  Damn if that’s the way you’re gunna be, if I were a student I’d go running into the principal’s office, all a flutter with tears just streaming down my cheeks, anxious and freightened!!! Because that’s my response anytime I see a Subaru with an Obama sticker in plain sight! And there are WAY too many of those in the school parking lot!

By the way here is the Colorado Statue that seems somewhat in conflict to what is being said by the school board, but I probably missing an addendum… (emphasis mine)

18-12-105.5. Unlawfully carrying a weapon - unlawful possession of weapons - school, college, or university grounds.

(1) A person commits a class 6 felony if such person knowingly and unlawfully and without legal authority carries, brings, or has in such person's possession a deadly weapon as defined in section 18-1-901 (3) (e) in or on the real estate and all improvements erected thereon of any public or private elementary, middle, junior high, high, or vocational school or any public or private college, university, or seminary, except for the purpose of presenting an authorized public demonstration or exhibition pursuant to instruction in conjunction with an organized school or class, for the purpose of carrying out the necessary duties and functions of an employee of an educational institution that require the use of a deadly weapon, or for the purpose of participation in an authorized extracurricular activity or on an athletic team.

But Wait There’s More…

(3) It shall not be an offense under this section if:

(a) The weapon is unloaded and remains inside a motor vehicle while upon the real estate of any public or private college, university, or seminary;

Replica made of Duct Tape!  Pretty sure… uh… TAIN’t LOADED!

Cripes!!!  Now before I begin on my rant I will have all y’all know I am not a member of the NRA nor a subscriber to Guns and Ammo or any other special interest group that has a Pro-Gun Agenda… the following diatribe is mine!

The Pop-Culture fear of guns has made me crazy for years.  All of the discussions of banning Hand Guns, Prohibiting assault weapons, limiting clips to 10 instead of 15 rounds is philosophically and factually idiotic. 

Tell you what… I’m gunna point my hand gun at you.  Let’s just say it’s an older Beretta with “One in the Pipe” and 15 in the clip.  I’ll allay your fear… I pull the clip out and eject 5 rounds from it… reinsert the clip point it back at you.  Feel better?

Look either ban all guns in all circumstances or SHUT THE HELL UP!  Our institutionalized fear of firearms stems from, who else, the sensationalistic press!  And I’m sick of it!  Every time someone gets killed in a firearm related incident the topic of firearm legislation leaps to the forefront of everyone’s mind.   Usually stating that this type of gun needs to be banned!  Or everyone who has a gun needs to be licensed and traceable!  Usually the dipshit mass murderer is using the wrong tool for his ambitions anyway! Usually because he saw it on TV or in the Movies!  You wanna off a buch of people in the school yard?  Rifle ain’t the way… Wanna protect your house from a break in?  Assault Rifle ain’t the way!!!  Look… here’s a couple of facts:

No matter what the gun LOOKS like they ALL do the same thing!  Allow a projectile (Bullet) to traverse a barrel, focusing the energy facilitating an accurate conveyance of the mass to another mass (perp, target, tree, moose, beer can, earth, etc…).  People who want to ban assault style weapons yet not eliminate hunting rifles fail to understand this simple intrinsic fact.  Now understand, some guns perform this task better than others, generally the longer the barrel the higher the likelihood what the SHOOTER Aims at will indeed be hit.  But in close?  Gimme a shotgun any day!

Just because a gun looks just like those used by the military or by SWAT Teams, read “BADASS…” makes it no more lethal, or accurate than your Dad’s 308 Winchester.  It ain’t the clubs… It’s the golfer!

Now here is something for you… it is either a Gun or it is NOT… A TOY GUN is not a GUN!  It is a TOY!  A Replica Gun is not a GUN it is a REPLICA!  Just like your pretend girlfriend is not a real girlfriend!!! She is a blow up doll!

And just like your blow-up doll, I understand that there are places you should not take your toy gun, cuz you know it’s inappropriate.  Church, your doctor’s office, and maybe even school, unless…  Your toy gun is a REPLICA and used in a sanctioned activity like Military Drill Teams! Cuz God knows we really don’t want our youth spinning REAL Guns!  Might damage the gun!  And take it from a guy who used to drill with REAL Guns (and shoot them too!)  In a California School no less!!!!  We treated those weapons with care, respect and discipline!  Personally I preferred to drill with the replicas, they weighed less and you weren’t as concerned about dropping one!

Personally I think firearm safety and responsibility ought to be a required class in EVERY Junior High!  That’s right Junior High if not Elementary School!  And the class should be taught by a Police Firearms Instructor or Military Instructor, Trust me there is no better training!  AND they will not teach from an uninformed position of fear!  They will teach from a knowledgeable position of respect!  We will reduce the incidents of accidental injury caused by idiots that THINK they know how to handle a weapon because they saw it on TV! 

And now for your viewing pleasure I leave you with professionals with REAL GUNS!!! At a Sporting Event no less!!!

If this is what Marie Morrow aspires to be… More power to her!  Semper Fi!

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