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I'm the Director of Client Services for NuEnergen.

I have lived in over 30 different locations worldwide thanks to my very enjoyable upbringing as a “Navy Brat” These include: Japan, Washington DC, Whidbey Island WA, Florida, Hawaii, and “America’s Finest City” San Diego, CA. How I ended up here in Denver, CO, I’m not entirely clear.

I have a BA in Speech Communication from San Diego State University.

I’ve worked in a variety of industries, usually in a sales, marketing or management capacity. I’ve worked for Technicolor, BMG (Sonopress), Heublein (Smirnoff Vodka), Waxie, It’s a Grind Coffee, NewsGator Technologies and now NuEnergen.

I have a great Wife Ginger (no Gilligan’s Island jokes please, we’ve heard them all), two contemplative, conniving, manipulative, stress reducing “Furry Eating Pillows” (cats for you imagery-challenged souls), a great family and the best friends a guy could ever ask for.


golf, racquetball, political science, favorite sports: football, and pool interests: us naval aviation history, philosophy and quality beers (helps study philosophy…) tv: history channel, discovery channel, food network, and any sports (although please notice that the football i care about has two “o”s ), photography