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March 31, 2005


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I LOVE my tat,,,,,but it has evolved into a tramp stomp..lol


I got a tattoo in this area a few years ago before I ever heard the words "tramp stamp." When I did hear them, I was extremely hurt. I got a tattoo there for very practical reasons. I didn't want one on my arms or legs because it would be too visible, and I don't find them very attractive. I didn't want one on my stomach because if I ever decided to have children the skin would stretch and very often never goes back to normal, so my tattoo could be ruined. The small of my back is never visible (I am a very conservative dresser) and it is a wonderful canvas for a tattoo. I think it's disgusting that this many people in our culture think tattoos on a woman never have a deep significance, that they only say something about her sexuality. The only thing more disgusting and shallow than the phrase "tramp stamp" are the people who use it.


Tramp Stamps are not just for women. Lots of straight guys have them too. I got one to please my partner.


There is no way that ink will ever "dress up" the small of a woman's back. It's just distracting from the beautiful lines nature gave her.

There's nothing more disappointing to me than seeing a beautiful girl with a tramp stamp. It's like seeing a gorgeous car with a key scratch or a dented fender. My response is alwasy; "Oh damn - too bad!"


To the person who stated: "What makes you think women care if you find their tattoos attractive or not." - you might have some kind of point if the tattoo was located where the woman herself could actually see it. It's pretty obvious that if you get a tattoo in a spot only visible to others that the opinion of others is what really counts.


I have loved lower back tattoos on girls/women ever since I first saw one! My lady (wife) got hers last year and I would never want to go back to her having an inkless back. She has other tattoos, several that never see the light. They are absolutely awesomely beautiful! She is an educated professional and her tats are not seen even with a one piece bathing suit. Some might show when she wears a low cut shirt, but you'd have to look pretty closely.

In the mid-years of our lives (40's), we've found something more in common- we both enjoy getting tattoo'd. I have four now, one visible with a short sleeve shit. Seems to be more a generational thing. The over 35 crowd look down on tattoo's and the under 35 crowd just doesn't seem to care either way? I know of several "good girls" from "good homes" that have "stamps".

Sure this might scream 'mid-life-crisis', but is sure is fun! I really don't care how the tats look when I'm 75. . .I probably won't look too good myself.

If you don't like tattoo's- look somewhere else.

Calvin Sims

I am torn. I am writing a blog for my site about tramp stamps, among other trends in pop and hip-hop culture. Problem is, there is a delightful young lady who my youngest son is in love with, as are the rest of our family. She is a wonderful woman (they are both seniors in college) and I hope they marry some day. Trouble is, she has been stamped. I have long spoken out against tatoos on women( young men too, for that matter - I wish someone had shaken me 37 years ago). My oldest son wears an ear ring (yuk).

I have decided (while writing this comment) to go with my blog against tramp stamps. I will have to call her and tell her that the truth (IMHO) won out over my personal feelings for her, besides, she will probably have a daughter some day who she will show my article at the same time that she shows her tatoo.


I feel the same way as JC said on June 5th. If a woman wants to get a tattoo where ever she wishes on her body it is her own business. Any one who puts some type of label on where any tattoo is located shows that they are self centered. Not to mention wasting time on someone who they don't even know. So what if a male has a tattoo on the lower portion of his back. Does that make him a tramp or some type of prostitute? Did you people ever stop to think that a person has the tattoo for personal reasons. And who was put in charge of saying what tattoo's were female and what were male??? Does this apply to Piercings???? I THINK NOT


Promiscuity and tattoos have a common thread: bad decision making. The worse the tattoo, the bigger the slut. But, what do i know? I'm eating 3 week old fried chicken at 3 am.


I have a tiger on my shoulder and my wife has a rose on her ankle. We like each others and we had them before we met. To the point. In my opinion a female that is prone to be promiscuous will be so whether she has a tattoo or not. I don't feel that a tattoo is an advertisment for sex. I think that being the male of the species that our minds trick us into believing that they are an announcement for easy girls. If two girls were on the dance floor one with a tattoo and one without most men would be looking at the girl with. Whether the reason be that it is the most hideous, tasteless blob of color that looks like it was put on with a weedwacker or if it was a beautiful accent to an already splendid figure that was barely visible just above an obviously hard worked on tan line. My other opinion. I have a 12 year old daughter whom I would never allow to get a tattoo as a minor. However, what she does after she is 18, and hopefully after some serious consideration of the act, is her business. Any parent or guardian that allows it, in my opinion, is wrong. We(wife and I) will probably get more tattoos in the future and have seriously talked about a "Stamp" for her in the shape of a dragon fly and something tribal on my calf. That is about all I have to say except that, most of you men probably just painted a very vivid mental picture of the dance floor girl I mentioned earlier, and I think that a tasteful tattoo on the small of females back is cool and sexy. Thanks for you time.


Tramp stamps are teh sux.

Everytime I see a woman with one I immediately think "whore".

I like sluts, but I don't want to see them advertising it on their backs.

Keith Richard Wright

And I thought I was in a minority of opinion. Like painting a national monument like it was built in the projects. Imagine Jesse Jackson painting the White House purple. Or a mural on the Grand Canyon...a billboard on the Washington Monument...If "ART" was so cool, how come Cristo gets so much shit for his temporary art projects...this crap is permanent and it detracts from natural beauty...not enhances it.



I appreciate the dialog on this topic; it is nice to see someone expressing an opinion on the exact subject I was writing about in this post. Pop Culture trends and the impressions there of… I certainly didn't write it on the titillation factor.

Remember I found it interesting that a subject like this crossed "Stereotypical" party lines. Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I do have one counter to your second series of points...

I do not think that standard term of prejudice applies in this case. I feel for you in having to address your concern over the probable misinterpretation of your choice in personal expression. But... That is exactly what it is… a choice! You had and have the opportunity to choose to have a tattoo inscribed on your body wherever you wanted, knowing the "Societal Norms" would more often than not place a connotative value on such a decision. I suspect (and could be wrong... not knowing you personally) that part of your reasoning to get a tattoo was to make a challenging societal statement, maybe even rub the puritan ethic the wrong way to make a point.

Again... More power to you! But with these CHOICES comes the reality that people are going to pass unfair and inaccurate judgments and in some cases probably accurate judgments. Remember, judgments can be positive as well. Those who like tattoos on women could easily view your choice in art and canvass as being a free spirit, and one who loves to express herself. Hell having a tattoo could probably help you identify like minded folks that you would choose to be friends with… You know… Pays to advertise.

I actually fall more to your defense on issues that are less in your power. The stereotypes passed on Race, or Creed or Sex or yes even sexual orientation I feel are unwarranted.

But allow me a bit of understanding to your plight... I do see your point of what "Should" be the case... I think in an ideal world we should all be able to fly free in whatever way we choose, so long as we do not harm others in the process! Should women be allowed to wear anything... or nothing at all for that matter without the judgment of character associated with it? You bet! Should a woman be allowed to walk alone in the shortest skirt and lowest top down an alley in the "Worst" part of town unmolested? You bet she should!

"SHOULD" But alas we do not live in this Utopia, and at times it is unfortunate. The reality of the decisions people make in such circumstances earns them the brand… I think you so eloquently put it… “Retarded!”

I do not buy into the fact that women that have tattoos are "easy" "promiscuous" or even Trampy, Bit I will admit... in my NOT Chauvinistic mind... without having the opportunity to get to know the individual better and really knowing the person's character, I generally do not find the adornment appealing. And that is simply a visual reaction, not a truly social one.

I'm also not a big fan of "Wife Beater" t-shirts and Baseball Caps on in any direction other than the bill pointing forward... Unless you actually served duty behind the plate in the middle of summer in all of the catcher's gear! But that's just me... And as you said, why should anyone care what I think. Well except for the challenge I try to present my readers to their conventional thought.

Again, thanks for the commentary. It's nice to see that not every visitor to this post is landing on the titillating search of "Tramp Stamps" simply for the photos.

But then again… I’m a blonde so I could just be retarded too!



As to your points:
No one says that people don't have knee-jerk reactions to people. Of course you do we all do. But first inpressions are one thing, prejudice is quite another! This isn't a forum about how TATTOOS are bad. This is about WOMEN AND TATTOOS or as you call it: Female Oversized Defacing (FOD). I have heard countless people in here claim that WOMEN are "slutty" have "poor taste" "tramps" "lost souls?"
As a woman, this sounds no differnet to me than hearing that hispanic people are "lazy" or black people are "stupid" and "drug dealers" or that men are "only out for one thing" or that Jewish people are "frugal"
Yes, everyone has perceptions... but where does perception end and prejudice begin?
Right now it is tattoos. Before it was wearing a skirt length that doesn't go past the knee, big boobs (which can't be helped a lot of the time). Even being blonde has a certain stigma a lot of the time.
Maybe to you it means nothing. But maybe, just maybe it means something to them.
I have learned, growing up with as a very open minded person and who is quite used to prejudice that it is best to tell people what things mean, and to ask what things mean to someone else.
In no way do I think it is cool to just get random things tattoo'd on your body. However that is of course their decision, but what about when it is not random. When its not an obscure tribal symbol or whatever. What if it really means something to them? What if the lower back (for those of us who don't wear midriff bearing tops and low rise jeans) is just a way to keep something that means something to you, private to show or not to show for whatever reason when you choose?
How about instead of labeling people and judging them you ask..does this mean something to you? Did you get this tattoo because you like anal sex? Are you a tramp?
Sure it doesn't sound so tasteful when you actually have to ask someone but you might as well eh?
I am in no way saying that all of your don't have the right to your opinion. I am just expressing mine as a woman, who has two tattoos and wants more, and who loves certain tattoos on others as well. Who also, is in case you haven't noticed a slight feminist as well. lol
Now I have just reread my original post and realized that I sound slightly hostile? haha As to that I would like to apologize, I am not normally like that but I was a little upset in the moment and forgot myself.
Just wanted to give an opposite point of view since the other side has been made quite known.



Thank you for taking the time to post your opinion on this topic. (BTW, your comments posted twice, I took the liberty of deleting one of them... it was identical).

FYI, this is my most visited post on "Carmichael's Position" getting on average over 100 visits per day, mostly via a Google search on the term.

Now, to your points…

I do not think for an instant that women should care at all what we men think about their bodies or how they adorn them, piercings, Tattoos, clothing, you name it! You're right it is a personal preference.

But... So is choosing to appreciate or not appreciate the look a woman, or man for that matter, presents to the public! I'm sure there are plenty of men, or women that you view as distasteful or unattractive based solely on their appearance. We all do! It is called perception.

Thus, if they (the tattoos) bother an individual, that individual has every RIGHT to express an opinion on the subject matter at hand (and the canvass for that matter) and to make assumptions... doesn't mean the assumptions are accurate. No one has the obligation to listen nor care for that matter! Would that opinion be accurate based solely on the presence of a "Santa Cruz License Plate"? Probably not... But since when are most opinions grounded in rational, factual, comprehensive evidence? Most opinions are knee jerk reactions to our "First Impressions," and in the fleeting moments we as perceptive humans have to make judgments, we make them on a number of prearranged stereotypical biases; our Values, Beliefs and Culture, plain and simple.

I know a number of women who have these tattoos on their lower back... and elsewhere. Do I think some of these women are any more promiscuous than the next? Yes! But it is not based on the tattoo.

So if tattoos on women bother one so much then... maybe that man should...uh... maybe date a woman without one??? No need to go off the deep end...

And oh yes... Not having a stamp is no indicator of a pristine individual either! I've dated my fair share of un-inked women who have had more baggage than the lost luggage repository at O'Hare!



God you "men" are soo retarded. What makes you think women care if you find their tattoos attractive or not. Let me ask you something... what do you call a guy with a tattoo on his lower back. Is he a tramp too? Oh of course not, for centuries men have been able to do whatever the hell they want, including sleeping around and being an acutal tramp but women, God forbid they do something that THEY want and enjoy without being judged. FYI: lower back=location. Its not a sign that says "I like anal sex" and a short skirt is not an indication that getting someone is any easier. News Flash: NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU AND SEX SO GET OVER IT
Tattoos are a personal choice, just like style and religion, etc. If they bother you so much, then date men. I'm sure your life and ours would be soo much better.


i think you people should stop hating.because if girls want to get these done,then what should it matter to any of you?you only live once and should be able to live your own life.how does a girl having a "tramp stamp"affect any of you?it doesnt.and yeah there a few girls at my school with these tattoos.and lemme tell you it makes them so much hotter,when they where low cut shirts and its back there with thier thong hanging out and a nice tan.it turns STRAIGHT guys on.nothings sexier then a skinny girl with a tramp stamp,a tan,nice cleavage,and a bellybutton ring:p


Thanks SK. Comes from the degree in Speech Communication instead of English.



I cant help myself: it's not "Mid-drift" it's "Midriff." Easy to look up, and it is always better to be taken seriously.


Sorry, I have never understood tattoos. I do understand "war paint" and tribal celebratory painting to adorn one's body. But those are temporary deals.

For women (starting now as young girls) to mark up their bodies with permanent junk is hard to comprehend.

A few years back, when the hands reaching out of drive-thru windows starting having home-made bic pen scribbled "tattoos" between the thumb and fingers, I found it frightening. How lonely must these "tramps" (lost souls) be to do such nonsense?

And then, these "tramp stamps" became the rage, and I am more lost to get it.

For years, we've known smoking was bad, but people kept smoking in front of their kids. We have all seen the kids as they watch their parents looking for any cues they can follow to "be like" mom or dad. Same goes for smoking.

When my four-year-old daughter picked up a stick, and pretended like whe was smoking, I asked her what she was doing. She said, "Oh, I'm smoking a cigarette, just like mommy." That was it.

I told her straight up, "Honey, you don't want to do that, because your brain does not yet know how truly awful smoking is. Your brain might be tricked into thinking smoking is alright, and we know it is not, right?"

She agreed with me. All of us know she cannot possibly understand any of this. I just don't want to get her started in the wrong direction.

Last week, I watched in horror as a young mom was shopping with three little ones. The mom had tattoos all over, and yes, a "tramp stamp". I was very depressed to know that the young kids cannot wait to get their own "tramp stamps" (or worse) when the time comes.

When will that be? When they are ten (10)?

John Carmichael


To all who are reading this post, I do appreciate your interest in this article and I welcome your comments on the social nature of the topic.

I did not post this article as a form of titillation or as an offer for expounding on individual fantasies.

Please feel free to comment about your opinion on the subject at hand but please keep in mind that although this could be construed as an "Adult Oriented" topic, I do consider this site as, for the most part, "Family Friendly or PG-13."

I do not enjoy playing editor of people's comments who have taken the time to read my ideas and opinions and have felt compelled to respond in some fashion, I welcome the dialog. But as much as I toil over censorship, I do really want the discussions to remain on point.

So, I offer my apology to Greg who commented on this post, if I misinterpreted you comments please let me know, but as mentioned I do want to avoid this simply becoming an "Adult Chat Room"

Thank you all for your understanding and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts, and the positions I take on the variety of subjects discussed.


John Carmichael

Every Mom and Dad out there better read that last comment! As more proof to the point! It is the impression of the implication that one must be wary of...


I have names for them that me and my circle of friends call them, but they're not as creative as "tramp stamp" or SCLP. We call them sex tattoos or anal tattoos. Why? -b/c they imply something sexual and usually, but not always-chicks w/ these markings are into a*** sex.



Hey no problem :) I think if girls hear that a lot of otherwise open minded guys don't like tattoos they'll stop getting them :)

This article hit close to home for me and I just wanted to vent. My girlfriend has a Santa Cruz License Plate and I almost didn't ask her out because of it. People like to think you can't judge a book by its cover and this is very true for books. But the same doesn't apply to people. Tattoos if not a signal of sluttiness or poor taste are a definitely a sign of poor foresight.

As I said my girlfriend has a lower back tattoo. She is also in the process of getting it removed. Why? Because she regrets it and when she stands up her circular tatoo becomes an egg. Skin stretches ladies. Her tattoo cost her $100. Her removal has already cost her $1200 and will most likely cost her another $450. Hers isn't even as big as the ones pictured in this article. Its only about 1.5 inches in diameter and is composed of thin lines. I feel sorry for the girl with the tribal ass antlers if she ever decides to get her's removed. It will be costly and painful and she won't be feeling like she expressed herself or did anything of value when she wants it gone.

I know this is going to be hard for a lot of women to accept but guys don't see art when they see ass antlers, they see an easy girl indicator. It doens't matter how prudish or nice you really are, the tattoo says exactly the opposite. Say I'm shallow, say I'm mean, but thats how you are being viewed. This is real life people and, for better or worse, you will be judged by your appearance.

John Carmichael

Thanks for the comment Jason. And I do look forward to the day that the Female Oversized Defacing (FOD) is no longer en-vogue.

I may be old fashion in many ways, but the female physique is often detracted from with these "artistic expressions" also know as (I have learned recently) "Santa Cruz License Plates!"


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