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March 31, 2005


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I can't wait until the tattoo craze dies down. There are so many beautiful women out there who are scarring themselves for life for a lame design in their skin. I think I feel this way because I was exposed to tattoos by seeing older peoples green, smeered looking tattoos accompanied by stories of regret. Alot of young people shrug this reality off by saying they won't care what they look like when they're older. Just remember, when you get a tattoo the regret doesn't manifest itself immediately.

John Carmichael

The other one that has been mentioned is a "Santa Cruz License Plate."


The Queer Jackie G.

I just read about a new name for the wonderful art that appears above a young ladies tush, and no Stu it's not a target. It's an Ass Antler....

I like it...give a whole new meaning to mounting the trophy....oh, like you didn't think of that either...


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