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April 01, 2005


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So, this is the offending blog post? Makes sense, really. Those stupid stars are useless information. Blogging companies love them because they are a "feature" and are a "cool graphic", but they have little use to users, and they always have had little use to users. I ignore them anyway.

cami brewer

I'd really never heard the term 'tramp stamp' but how appropo. I think that parents actually DIDN'T start letting their 13 and 14 year olds get these tattoos, the kids just don't listen and go ahead and defy the authority. Part of it comes from a parent's inability or apathy when it comes to being an authority figure to their kids. Parent's think that if they are their kids' friend they will be more looked up to than if they set boundaries. Don't get me started... and oh, yeah, I agree with Stu, it's probably the font. and, hey, I like wingdings!


I liked your tramp stamp rant better. Quit being such a wuss.


It's probably the font, it really doesn't quite go with the background you've chosen :-) Next time try using Wingdings, it'll make them all wonder..........

John C

Alright That's real cute!


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