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January 09, 2006


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Yeah what KEN said!!!

Oh . . . . BRONCOS WIN!!!


Sen. Kennedy is a drunk and a empty suit. He has never had the intellect of either of his brothers. He has voted repeatedly (along with a good percentage of his fellow democrats) to have an acknowledged member and leader of the KLAN as Majority Leader of the United States Senate(Mr. Byrd). He has called SCOUS nominee not by his name but "Mr. Alioto",a deceased leader of the Bya area democratic party machine. Have another wee touch...
Look at who are the ranking democrat members of the Judiciary committee. A plagiarist (Mr.Biden), A leaker of intelligence secrets(Mr. Leahy) and a person guilty of manslaughter(Mr.Kennedy). All fine lawyers, who through their questions to SCOUS nominee ALITO, have illustrated they don't even understand the basic separation of powers or the words IN the Constitution. Moral authority… don't even start...

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