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April 25, 2006


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Jim anderson

Ask your dad how he liked the c-12. I was on the CFWP staff in the early 80s and was the c-12 NATOPS check pilot, glad to see he's still around. CDR. Jim Anderson USNR-R

Chris Sullivan

Hi John,

I saw your posting on the internet today about your trip to the Midway with your father last April. I served as one of your fathers Quartermasters on the bridge from 79-81. He is my all time Navy hero. My brother Dick and I served together for one year as he showed up a year before I did.

Your father looks great. Please remember me to him. I just retired from the Navy Reserve as a Chief Quartermaster, followed in my fathers footsteps as mayor of my hometown, Newburyport, Massachusetts, and work as a banker in my hometown. Please let your father know that I think of him quite often with great memories of those days with all you guys and your mother waiting pierside in Yokosuka for our return to port.

Chris Sullivan

Bill Olsen

Yes, I've seen the green flash, and was probably taught to look for it by Hoagy himself. Tell your Dad I said Hi. As one of his OOD's, I had the honor of constantly waking him up in the middle of the night to report some obscure situation. Thanx, Captain/RDML, for trusting me with your ship. I was also honored to catch up with him at the '92 decommissioning. I'm looking forward to visiting her once again in San Diego.

(then) LTJG Bill Olsen
CDR US Navy retired.

John Carmichael


Thank you for your kind words. He has indeed told me of the infamous "Green Flash" at sunset. I've known a number of folks who claim to have seen it.

I've learned a lot from my father, as have many of his crewmates (so I've been told by a good many of them who served with him). I am blessed to have a father like him to provide his guidance, wit, respect, and humor. And that day on Midway will always be valued in my life, as are all the days I am able to spend with him.

Thanks again,


Michael Angulo

Great stuff. I was pleased to see your Dad is still is good health and spending quality time with you on the USS Midway. I served onboard while he was the CO in the early 1980's. I remember his nightly talks on the 1MC about the green flash at sunset. Has he ever told you aobut the "green flash". I was honored during the ships decommisioning in 1992 to meet you Dad on the flight deck the day before the ceremony. We had a great talk and if I look real hard I might have a picture.

The golf on the trip was great, but this day, held the greatest anticipation and there was no disappointment to be had. Thanks Admiral, for demonstrating true pride in leadership and thanks again John for setting this thing up.


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