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May 25, 2006


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richard roe

What a horrible waste of resources! That ship cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build and operate and the best thing they can think of doing with it is deliberately sinking it?

Scrap, razor blades or slum housing in a 3rd world country all would have been a better use of all that steel. Our tax dollars at waste. Infuriating. Obnoxious. Arrogant. And so misguided.

John Carmichael

Hi Richard,

The small boat on the deck actually housed the electronic triggering, relay and monitoring systems for the explosions. The engineers really didn't want to send that to the bottom of the gulf. So it was placed in the boat that would simply float off the deck once the "O" submerged.

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Whats that boat doing on deck?

Brian Reischl

Popular Science ran a blurb about this recently. They've also got video here: http://www.popsci.com/popsci/science/74b88e4e54d7c010vgnvcm1000004eecbccdrcrd.html

Keith Vogel

It is sad that some of our great ships have to go this way but I guess it is better than tearing her up for scrap. At least she will be in one piece for a while hopefully doing some good for the environment.

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