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May 07, 2007


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This whole Hilton affair points a a big problem in America. That her going to jail is a news story, many news programs it was one of the top three stories, and other more important issues never get any mention. The cable news programs had Paris for hours. In LA they even pointed out the walking footballs in following this story. There was endless chatter about how this was effecting and affectin our culture. Big deal. A person who is richer than god because grandpa made some money. She is not worth the attention, or conversation. Where are the endless hours of coverage on our dependence on oil,which in turn funds terrorists. Or any number of issues that have a potential to bring us down. Where is the chatter about that on FOX, CNN, et al. It is a sad statement that this was such a big story, how much energy was wasted on a girl that finally had to answer ( after the second time) she was caught ignoring her probation. They should put her in Super Max. And we should demand our time back from the media.


The tramp is out after 3-5 days because her skanky pie-hole refused to eat the culinary treats of the LA County Jail. Lets just hope for justice.
Paris, drunk and speeding and hits a wall. Burns herself to death. No one else. S'mores anyone?

P.S. FREE Scooter Libby!!!!


Responsibility & Fairness Update
St.Louis Cardinal pitcher Josh Hancock died April 29th in a traffic accident.
His father is now suing the tow truck company who owned the tow truck his son hit,
The owner of the vehicle, that was disabled and being assisted by the tow truck. He is also
Suing the owners of the restaurant his son had been drinking at (and allegedly, his son refused the offer of getting a cab for him). THIS IS A TOTALLY B.S. LAWSUIT.
The local authorities have noted that Josh Hancock had (allegedly):
1. Refused a cab
2. Was on his cell phone
3. Had marijuana in his vehicle
4. Speeding
5. Not wearing his seatbelt
6. Almost twice the legal limit for drinking
Before he hit the tow truck.
Six strikes-your son is out twice according to Darwin.


YES !!!

The best comments on the non-talent, never done anything worthy Miss Hilton are offered by the Philosophers Stone & Parker in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset"(eps.#123/prod#812)

It was bad enough for her Mom to laugh, speak out and bitch in the court room in front of the Judge!-Thanks Mom! BUT she was late to court also.

Great book from the mid-1990's The Death of Common Sense


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