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July 03, 2007


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M. James

Of all the myriad ["Charlie Foxtrots"] commited by the Boy King ... his 'commutation' of ol' Scooter takes the cake.

Yes ... 'it is clearly stipulated in the founding laws' ... and NO ... 'the sooner we advance beyond these trivialities the better' I don't quite see this matter as trivial.

I believe the case can be made that 'your beloved' President was merely being the weasel that he always HAS BEEN ... it's called covering your own ass.

Ol Scooter probably gave them the heads up ... that once his butt was in the pokey ... he would become inclined to start singing for his supper.

Simply a matter of self preservation for Ol' George and our beloved Veep ... Dead Eye Dick ... Scooter knows where all the bodies are buried.

George knows it ... Dead Eye knows it ... and now ... because of 'the commutation' ... so does everybody else !


I won't.
Man-boy Bill let off Marc Rich who decided to go into business for the unfortunate after his pardon. These unfortunate are the one's that got oil vouchers from Saddam in the UN's "oil for food" scandal and needed help cashing them in - nice.
How about the more than a dozen Puerto Rician Terrorists he let go to buy some good will in NYC for HRC's Senate race.
The Clinton's are scumb.

Brian Reischl

Wow, you made it through that whole post without once mentioning President Clinton, his even-less-justified perjury, and his parting gift of 140 full pardons. I'm surprised.

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