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January 31, 2008


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Its really disappointing to me how people act sometimes. I made a choice as a young man, not the one some people wanted me to, My own. I am glad I had somewhere to go locally. I never stopped loving the family and friends back home, and they all showed support and concern when I left, through bootcamp, my deployment to Okinawa, and when I deployed to Iraq. I needed that. Somehow it kept me going. I thank you guys.

I hear these things people are doing and saying and it makes me think... god I wonder who's out there now... sitting on post. I sure wish I could tell him, "Keep your head up man. I'm thinkin bout you."

And to those that changed their mind and just want to come home, Be strong... I'll have a cold one waiting for you. Because I know what its like. But whoever it is out there, I hope its not these peoples family or loved ones. The reason I say this is because its things like this that's killing them out there. Yeah they put themselves in the position, but its you all that bring us back. Your words and actions are very powerful, you move us. These people must be some kind of freedom fighters against the war, but what they don't see is me... their own. But they don't want to know that.

I believe they can be proud of us for standing up for something we believe in, Ironically just like them.

I don't know, maybe I,m just simple minded, hell maybe that's why I joined the Corps. I know I don't believe in some things for my own life. There's places I'd never go to because the services aren't for me. However I don't intend to impress my decisions and ideas so hard on others that I am trying to force them out of town. If a gay couple wants to get married, they may need a church. They're decision may conflict with some peoples beliefs or decisions, but those people have no right pushing them out of town, right? Its a life they want to live, and if they believe in it we should be proud of them and support them. Or just leave them alone, but remember that being against having a place to go to when making a life decision, you are defeating the original intention by being against the freedom of choice.

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